How the Easy Business Club helped positive psychology coach Kim Furnish

Thinking of joining the Easy Business Club? Find out how the year-long mentorship programme has helped positive psychology coach Kim Furnish.

Kim Furnish is a social entrepreneur, positive psychology coach, wellbeing facilitator, podcaster, author and laughter practitioner. She joined the Easy Business Club in September 2023. 

The Easy Business Club is a 12-month programme comprising online modules that help you establish the essential elements of a successful business, and monthly group mentor calls with Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin. It’s a powerful process that can lead to profound change and progress. 

Here’s what Kim says of her experience on the Easy Business Club.

What did you find most helpful? 

Foundations, Productivity, Pricing, Marketing, Money mindset, Sales, Brand, Content.

I have used the spreadsheets to monitor my finances and the time that I am spending on my business. I have managed to keep these up over a period of six months and I intend to continue after the course has finished. The information has given me an overview of my businesss, and this was something that was lacking before I started the course. 

There has been something of value in each module.

How did the mentor calls help you?

The monthly mentor calls are fantastic. Hannah is a fountain of knowledge and there is always something she can offer in the way of a form, spreadsheet, article, APP, or blog that will help in my current situation. It is great to listen to what others in the group are going through and to learn from their experiences too.

The monthly mentor calls have kept me on track with the course. I may have fallen behind with completing the course material if we did not have the monthly calls. The monthly calls help me to be accountable for the goals that I want to achieve.  

Who do you think this course is perfect for? 

This course is perfect for business owners who are great at providing their service but are lacking some of the skills needed to run a business. I think start ups and those in the growth phrase of their business would benefit from the content of this course.

The monthly calls are perfect for the reminder that we all face similar issues as a business owner. If someone is feeling isolated as a business owner this course is perfect for feeling connected and sharing the ups and downs of life with others in a similar situation. 

Who do you think would not benefit from the course?

I think all business owners would benefit from this course. Even if they have been running a business for a while, there is likely to be something that they can learn or be reminded of. 

Someone who does not complete the course material would not benefit as much from the course. However the monthly calls have value in themselves if self study is a problem. 

What positive changes have you experienced thanks to the course?

I have taken information from each of the modules and monthly calls and taken small steps towards honing my skills in each of the areas. I created the acronym CHERISH, to highlight the benefits of buying my service, Connection, Happiness, positive Energy, Resilience, Investment in self, Self love and helpful Strategies. I refined my pitch to include CHERISH. I have reflected on my money story and I am confident in my pricing strategy. 

I have progressed my social media strategy. I have a three-month schedule which I am using to schedule SM on buffer. Overall, since starting this course my business is more profitable, and streamlined. I am more efficient, more structured and I have increased my skills.

I am confident that my business is professional and that it is great value for money. I really appreciate the business that I have created and it fills me with joy. 

If you were recommending this course to someone, what would you say?

This course is fantastic! It is packed with information and ideas which have helped me to make my business more profitable and more effective. There is a good mix of practical and psychological skills which take into account gaps in my knowledge and any personal barriers to growth.

The monthly calls have been brilliant at keeping me on track. I have made consistent progress and it is reassuring to know that I can revisit the course material at any time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like support with their business.

Want to join us in the Easy Business Club this year?

You can find out more about the Easy Business Club and book your place on this year’s cohort here. We can’t wait to see what progress you will make with Hannah’s help.

Hannah Martin is the founder of Talented Ladies Club. She’s an award-winning copywriter, qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and experienced business mentor.