How the Easy Business Club helped director of specialist retreats Aimee O

Thinking of joining the Easy Business Club? Find out how the year-long mentorship programme has helped director of specialist retreats Aimee O.

Aimee O is a director of specialist retreats and wellbeing experiences UK and internationally. She joined the Easy Business Club in September 2023. 

The Easy Business Club is a 12-month programme comprising online modules that help you establish the essential elements of a successful business, and monthly group mentor calls with Talented Ladies Club founder Hannah Martin. It’s a powerful process that can lead to profound change and progress. 

Here’s what Aimee says of her experience on the Easy Business Club.

What did you find most helpful? 

Foundations, Productivity, Pricing, Marketing, Money mindset.

Money mindset is incredible, it really digs deep on self sabotaging and the realities of self accountability and what this actually means. Pricing and marketing are super helpful and are great at simplifying processes that can be over complicated or where bad habits have crept in over the years.

The marketing module helped me gain a peripheral overview on my entire business and where I fall short and need to improve. 

How did the mentor calls help you?

Accountability and peer support. Everyone learns whilst the individual is learning on 121 with you. I’m always making notes on the advice you give others as it all ties in and helps integrate knowledge that I hadn’t necessarily been able to apply to my own circumstances. Living case studies in motion. 

Who do you think this course is perfect for? 

Self-employed women and men. Hannah is amazing at supporting women. The nuances and sub context required in self worth and value to succeed in business she is exceptional with.

What positive changes have you experienced thanks to the course?

A complete re-evaluation of my business and my business positioning, skills, direction and purpose. All the big foundations! The chance to build a business now with longevity. Streamline processes. Implement processes. Work smarter – with long term results. Honest conversations with myself. Acknowledging weak areas where improvement can be made. 

If you were recommending this course to someone, what would you say?

Working with Hannah is life-changing. Hannah is the oracle of what ‘really’ needs to happen in order to run a successful business. None of the dogma, fake promises and grand illusions, Hannah has a way of simplifying complex and overwhelming business strategies in a way that actually works. Hannah’s coaching impacts all aspects of your life in ways that transcend the standard types of business coaching online. 

Hannah has a truly unique way of empowering you to believe in yourself no matter what. Her expertise is flawless, yet graceful and collaborative at all times. She’s a genius in flow when it comes to an outside perspective looking in on nuances within your business, which transcends into other areas of life too. A beautiful ripple effect. To be coached by Hannah is a game-changer, and I’m only half way through!

Want to join us in the Easy Business Club this year?

You can find out more about the Easy Business Club and book your place on this year’s cohort here. We can’t wait to see what progress you will make with Hannah’s help.

Hannah Martin is the founder of Talented Ladies Club. She’s an award-winning copywriter, qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and experienced business mentor.