How promo codes can save you when you’re in a pinch

Feeling the pinch? Worried about how you can afford to buy your family’s monthly or weekly shop? Find out how promo codes can help.

Unless you have an unlimited shopping budget, there are days when the money in your wallet just won’t cut it. And in order to buy the basics your family needs to survive you need to find a way to make your money go further.

Whenever you find yourself in a pinch, the good news is that there are still ways for you to save on money. One of these is through the use of promo codes, which today are more accessible than ever through sites like

Not got into the habit of using promo codes yet? Here are four ways they can be your best friend when shopping on a budget.

1) They enable you to buy more of something

Let’s say you need two packets of laundry detergent to last you through the whole month. But your budget is so tight that you need to choose a cheaper brand, and only get one box now.

This means that two weeks later you’re back facing the same dilemma. This is where promo codes can come to the rescue. Find the right deal and you can get the two boxes you need – and maybe even a third, enabling you to stretch your budget even further.

However, a vital tip is to make sure that you only collect coupons that you need and will use. What won’t help your budgeting is buying a product that you don’t need and won’t use, just because it’s on offer.

Remember that by using promo codes, you are trying to save more while your finances are tight, instead of doing the opposite.

2) They allow you to plan your shopping trips more efficiently

One of the best ways to save money, especially when you are shopping on a budget, is to plan your trips to the grocery carefully. The more often you go, the higher the likelihood that you’ll spend more than you need to.

When you are going to take advantage of promo codes, you can time your shopping trip for the dates the promo codes can be used. This way you can be more efficient with your list, and more focused on buying only items that you cannot do without.

A bonus tip to remember is to check if the promo codes that you have can be used in conjunction with store sales. You can call the store or the company and ask about this, so you can plan your shopping trip on the day of the sale, where you can enjoy even bigger discounts.

When you are shopping online, you can still use these codes to enjoy more discounts and deals.

3) They allow you to build a stockpile

Remember that television show where extreme coupon holders and promo codes collectors slowly started to build a stockpile of the everyday household items that they need?

If you carefully study how these smart shoppers do it, you can do the same too. Imagine reducing a 500-dollar shopping bill to just over 10 to 15 dollars? It may seem impossible, but it’s not.

Building a stockpile thanks to promo codes allows you to get food and household items, especially during rainy days, when it can be too difficult and expensive to go on another grocery trip.

If you and your family are scrimping for every dollar at the moment, having a pantry full of extra food that you’ve got from promo codes can be enough to last you for an additional month or so, and enable you to still serve the best meals for your family.

4) They enable you to buy in larger quantities

People often have the misconception that buying in large quantities is going to cost them more. But if you divide the total price by the quantity, you will discover that the unit price is usually less. For instance, how much is it going to cost you per ounce?

But if you have a tight budget, paying for more substantial quantities can be a problem. However, when you have promo codes to help you out with the bill, you can save even more by buying large quantities that have a cheaper cost per unit, which can also last you for a much longer time before you have to replenish your stocks again.

How can you save money with promo codes?

If you’re in a very tight place financially, you’ll be looking for any way you can save money, and still buy the things you need. The more you can stretch that extra dollar, the better.

Thanks to companies that have endeavored to provide customers with the best deals possible, there are now many promo codes and coupons available for you to take advantage of when saving, especially during rainy days.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris