How paying more attention to the moon can help us achieve our goals

Love to feel better and achieve more? Find out how paying more attention to the moon can help us achieve our goals.

Have you noticed how your moods change from day to day? It’s not just you; everyone has moods. They can be caused by lots of things – hormones, hunger, lack of sleep and frustrations and problems in our life. And now you can add one more cause to the list: the moon’s phases!

But before you absolve yourself of all responsibility for your own feelings, stay tuned, because when you work attentively and proactively with the moon’s phases, you can actually improve your moods – and also attain your goals more effectively as a result. 

The moon governs your emotional life

Astrologically, the moon and your own moon sign governs your emotional life. And, as the moon changes zodiac signs every two days, your moods will relate to the different characteristics of the zodiac signs, from Aries to Pisces. 

So, when you’re aware of the phases of the moon, and pay attention to the general feel of each day of the year, you can gradually plan ahead with full knowledge of the mood of the day… 

In this respect, knowledge is power, and the age-old dictum ‘know thyself’ certainly carries weight as the more you know about yourself and your emotional make-up, the better you can choose to enhance your best qualities and consciously promote these; and the more you can actively minimise your worst qualities.

Knowing the moon’s phases will help you to be the best person you can be in relation to the moods of the day. And, when you’re living to your highest potential, you’re more likely to attain your goals. 

The moon passes through different signs every two days

The zodiac signs the moon passes through every two days can broadly be divided into the four elements air, fire, earth and water:

  • Air is associated with rational thinking and analysis
  • Fire is associated with action
  • Earth is associated with sensuality and being grounded
  • Water is associated with emotions and intuition

So for example if the moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), you and those around you are likely to feel more intuitive and emotional. But if the moon is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), you’re likely to feel impulsive emotionally and quick to take action (or to anger, especially when young).

If the moon is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), you’re likely to let your head rule your heart and will be thinking fairly clearly, but may make decisions that are lacking in emotion. And if the moon is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), you’re likely to feel grounded, practical and will enjoy the luxuries in life.

Start keeping a record of how you feel in different moon phases

When working proactively with the moon’s phases, a good place to begin is to note down how you feel through the phases of the moon.

You’ll see that life is either easier or more challenging depending on the sign the moon is in. As you notice a pattern emerge, you’ll be able to plan ahead more readily with the full knowledge that the next time the moon is in the same sign (in a month’s time, for two days), you’ll be prepared for the kinds of moods you’re likely to feel and the general mood of the day. 

For example, if you feel more energised when the moon is in a particular sign, such as Leo, it’s a great time to plan important dates and events; but if you feel emotional or not on form when the moon is in another sign, such as Cancer, you’ll know to avoid planning key work events on those days. 

How the moon can make you feel in each sign

The qualities and moods associated with each sign the moon passes through every two days a month are as follows.

Moon in Aries

During these two days each month, it’s easier to feel more optimistic and upbeat about life, although restlessness or fiery outbursts can arise if you or others feel under pressure.

Moon in Taurus

These two days can bring a sense of stability, and a sensual time and predilection for all things artistic and musical will arise. However, over-indulgence and stubbornness can occur if you are under pressure.

Moon in Gemini

This lunar phase can bring a chatty, talkative two days, ideal for meetings and communications in general, although flippancy, indecision and uncertainty can result if you or others are under pressure.

Moon in Cancer

A sense of security, nesting, cocooning and nurturance will be sought at this time. You’ll be drawn to family time and those you love but insecurities or a lack of adaptability can arise if you’re under pressure.

Moon in Leo

During this phase, an upbeat approach to life and more dynamic attitude to others and yourself will appeal, but if you’re under pressure then arrogance, pride and vanity may surface.

Moon in Virgo 

During a Virgo moon phase it’s a great time to focus on health, routine, decluttering, work and being helpful. But over-analysis, obsessive attention to detail and ambivalence can arise when under pressure.

Moon in Libra 

The Libran moon will bring your need for peace to the surface and the arts, music, love and creating harmony will appeal. But if you’re under pressure a sense of disharmony, indecision and dissatisfaction can arise.

Moon in Scorpio

This is a time to focus on personal needs, sensuality, enjoyment of life and indulgence in all things delicious. But if you’re under pressure, deep, intense feelings can emerge that can on occasion be self-defeating or even destructive.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius is an outgoing, upbeat phase in which an adventurous attitude will bring your joviality and lust for life to the surface. However you and others may appear blunt or disregard the feelings of other people when under pressure.

Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn moon can stimulate a practical and focused approach to work and your goals and plans. But you may be more aware of a sense of limitations, restrictions and authoritarian rules and regulations.

Moon in Aquarius

This is a quirky, outgoing phase and trying new activities and new approaches to life will appeal. However on a negative note, this phase may stimulate unreliability, unconventionality and changeability both in yourself and others.

Moon in Pisces

The Pisces moon is a dreamy, introverted and artistic time in which music, the arts and romance will thrive. It’s a good time for spiritual endeavours. However you may be easily distracted, prone to  daydreaming and vagueness.

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