How our Sales Page Masterclass will transform how you sell

Find out why our Sales Page Masterclass is the quickest and easiest way to finally master sales pages and start creating brilliant sales pages of your own.

If you hate creating sales pages you’re not alone. Without specific training in how to write and structure them you’re usually left scrabbling in the dark, mostly guessing. Or worse, trying to reverse engineer some online guru’s page and cobbling together something you don’t understand and doesn’t sound like you.

Possibly something you even look at and cringe. Surely there must be an easy way to confidently and consciously create brilliant sales pages that sound like you?

Our first sales pages relied on ‘bro marketing’ tactics that we hated

If this sounds familiar, we get it. Because a few years ago this was just what we felt… and did.

We created sales pages that relied on ‘bro marketing’ tactics because we thought that’s what you needed to do to sell. None of our pages were built with any strategy in mind, and if they worked it was more down to luck than anything else!

So we started learning. We invested in coaching and training, and found ways to apply best practice AND market ethically. To not fall back on a hard sell, instead simply explain how we could help and give people the emotional and practical detail they needed in order to make a decision that was right for them.

And funnily enough, once we mastered sales pages, our sales took off. The right people fell in love with our courses and masterclasses and bought them at the right time for them.

Now creating sales pages is easy and fun – and I want to show you how to do the same

Creating sales pages went from hard and time consuming to quick, easy and even fun. And now I want to help you do the same. So if you have a great product, service or online course but you’re not sure your sales pages really ‘sell’ and you don’t know how to fix them, this is the class for you!

In the Sales Page Masterclass I teach you my UNsell approach to creating a sales page, which means that you NEVER need to feel uncomfortable about sales. In fact I show you how to sell without selling at all by using the easy ‘flip’ that changed everything for me.

You’ll also discover the nine elements every sales page needs, and how to use the ‘Lego’ approach to building a sales page with them.

And to ensure you really ‘get’ how to build a brilliant sales page, I take you section-by-section through one of my own sales pages and explain the psychology behind each element, and how you can apply it to your own sales pages.

You’ll finally master how to write brilliant sales pages in an hour

So, by the end of the hour-long class you’ll have:

  • A clear understanding of the psychology of sales pages, and what needs to happen on them for people to buy from you… and for you to feel good about it.
  • Mastered the sales page ‘flip’ and know exactly what information you need to gather to build a brilliant, high converting sales page using the UNsell Technique.
  • Nailed the nine elements every sales page needs and finally ‘get’ the core structure of a sales page so you can finally see clearly how to build your own.
  • A set of individual blocks you can use to make your sales page uniquely yours, so you can build a brilliant sales page for any product, any time.
  • Gained the knowledge and skills to confidently write sales pages that sound like YOU, while authentically selling to delighted customers… without needing to use tricks and tactics.
  • A unique planning tool you can use to start building your first sales page straight away – and use for every sales page you build in future as you grow your business.

You also get access to all the Sales Page Masterclass resources:

  • The hour-long masterclass in which I show you how to plan brilliant sales pages. You can watch the video as many times as you wish.
  • A copy of the class slides to download to review, copy and make notes.
  • The sales page ebook with the full class notes, so you can read them in your own time. It’s also a brilliant revision tool that saves you having to re-watch the video if you just wish to recall a specific point.
  • The sales page worksheet to help you put your new knowledge into action and start planning your next (or first!) sales page properly.

Watch the class right now

If you’re planning to work on your sales pages now, we’ve got good news: you can watch it right now here. And with lifetime access, you can come back and watch it again as many times as you wish.

Here’s what people are saying about the class:

“I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ and enormous ‘well done’ for the way in which you conducted the Sales Page Masterclass last week… It was very jam-packed with useful knowledge and tips and hints. So much so, that I will need hear it a few more times to take it all in.” Marianne

“This has taken the mystery out of sales pages now.” Bami

“Really helpful and very clear. I feel inspired now!” Esme

If you’d love to find it easier to sell, to feel more comfortable selling, and to master a fantastic new skill that will help you for years to come, this is the class you need!