How often should you repaint your hair

Wondering how frequently you need to repaint your hair to keep it looking good? We look at different types of coloring to find out.

Each person’s hair is unique, and so are their reasons for coloring it. Whether you’re exploring new looks or seeking to conceal natural changes, the question of how long a new hair color will last or how often it should be refreshed is common.

A good hairstylist can tell you exactly how often you should repaint your hair. The frequency depends on many aspects, such as your natural hair color, the desired look, hair health, and growth rate. Here is what you should know about repainting your hair!

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair coloring doesn’t last forever, as you will need touch-ups every four to six weeks. This is so you can maintain your desired look and have consistent color as new hair grows or your colored hair grows out.

In these treatments, the new color penetrates the hair shaft. As your hair grows, your natural color resurfaces at the roots. Since this can cause some style or look issues, you will need to repaint it to maintain your look. 

Semi-permanent hair color 

When it comes to semi-permanent hair coloring, the new color is deposited onto your hair without penetrating the shaft, as happens with permanent hair coloring. When you choose to color your hair this way, you can expect to repaint your hair every four to six weeks to maintain vibrancy.

The color will fade over time as you wash your hair. Sometimes, the fading can be influenced by the type of shampoo or other products you use on your hair. However, to maintain your new hair color, your hairstylist may recommend products to use or avoid while you enjoy your new color.

Balayage or highlights

Balayage, or highlight techniques, involves strategically placing color on sections of the hair to give it a natural, blended look and feel. In these techniques, the coloring is not applied to the roots.

Because of this, the different colors won’t be as noticeable when your hair grows as with other coloring techniques. Balayage is among the best techniques for hair coloring, as touch-ups aren’t needed as often as other treatments. Usually, you should expect to repaint your hair every eight to 12 weeks depending on your desired level of contrast and the speed of your hair growth. 

To ensure you receive the best results, look up hairstylists in Miami who have mastered various techniques to color your hair properly and enjoy the best results.

Fashion colors or vivid colors

Fashion or vivid colors fade quickly compared to the other techniques mentioned above. Vibrant hues or pastels need more frequent maintenance to keep the colors vibrant and fresh. In most cases, you will need touch-ups every two to four weeks. 

Although these timelines are usually the norm, this might be different for you. Consult a professional hairstylist to maintain your color according to your needs and health and receive personalized recommendations on how often you should repaint your hair.