How much do card designers make?

Arts and crafts are not considered a particularly high-paying source of income. But you might be surprised to hear that the demand for artistically inclined people is increasing day by day.

Card designing in particular is a job that pays decently as they are in demand year-round, whether they be for holidays or birthdays, anniversaries, or job promotions. Many card makers online can help you get started, and you can click here to get an idea of the process. 

What is the average annual salary of a card maker?

Greeting card designers in the US are paid a whole lot more than most people realize. As of March 2023, designers are being paid $52,491 on average per year. That is about $25.24 per hour, $1,009 per week, and $4,374 per month. This is not bad for a job related to arts and crafts and is comparable to lower-level management jobs. 

The annual pay for greeting card designers can go as low as $25,000 per year, which makes up about the 25th percentile of the total samples, and as high as $73,000, which makes up the 75th percentile. The ones earning the highest, the 90th percentile, are making up to $124,000 per year too. 

The fact that the annual pay has such a high variance (up to $48,000) is indicative of the fact that how much you earn is highly dependent on the level of your skill, the number of years you  have been doing the job, and the country or city where your practice is based. 

Cities with the highest salaries for card designers 

The top 10 cities where you can earn above and beyond the national average annual pay for a greeting card designer are as follows:

As you can see, right at the top is Green River, WY, which has an increase of 26.2% from the national average of $52,491, which comes out to be an increase of $13,770 per year. Next up are Santa Clara, CA, and San Francisco, CA, with San Francisco showing an uptick of 13.9%, which amounts to an increased annual pay of $7,283. 

In light of this information, you might want to consider shifting to one of these locations if you are a designer and want to earn more. But you might want to keep in mind that the maximum variance in salaries for these cities is just 15%, so you might not see much growth over time. 

In the end, the best factor to consider when moving is the living costs for whatever location you want to choose. 

The highest paying jobs as a card designer 

These are the top 5 jobs you can get as a greeting card designer that pay more than what you would earn if you design greeting cards as a freelancer. Sitting pretty at the top are generic card designers, card works related jobs, and working from home as a merchandiser dealing in American Greeting Cards. 

Arts and crafts are no longer low income

Gone are the days when arts and crafts were considered a source of below-average income. As elaborated on in this article, there are a lot of scopes financially for card designers, with some cities and specific jobs paying a lot more than the national average annual salary.