How men can create a minimalist casual wardrobe

Minimalism is not a passing fashion trend but the wisest way to achieve your sartorial goals. It helps you save money, space, and stress without missing out on good looks.

Men are in a good place to embrace the mindset because they have fewer options than women. But you may have to learn the basics of a minimalist wardrobe before stocking it up with the right pieces. In fact, you may face challenges while adding clothing for specific purposes, such as casual occasions. Let us simplify your quest by sharing a few helpful tips for creating a minimalist casual wardrobe.

Check what you already have

The first step is to dig into your existing collection and check what you already have. If you are lucky, you will probably already own a few casual essentials there. It is also a good chance to declutter your closet and eliminate stuff you no longer require. Also, get rid of clothes that do not fit any longer. After all, minimalism is as much about purging the waste as stocking up on the basics.

Stick with a specific number

Typically, a minimalist wardrobe has a specific number of pieces one can style to create different ensembles. You may decide on it from the outset and stick with the initial decision. For example, you may choose any number from thirty to fifty, which must include accessories such as ties, belts, shoes, and wallets. Once you determine the total, figure out the number of items for casual dressing to build this part of the collection.

Prioritize comfort

Comfort is the cornerstone of casual dressing, so it should be your priority while selecting pieces for your minimalist closet. You must definitely have comfy tees, cargos, shorts, and jeans on your wishlist. Add a couple of pairs of easy sneakers and flip-flops for beach days. Remember that comfort is about great fits and effortless drapes. Moreover, you feel comfortable in clothes matching your personal style.

Balance the color palette

Although casual dressing should be brighter than formal wear, avoid going over the top with color while chasing the minimalist goal. You will not want only vibrant yellow, orange, and green hues for outings and vacations. Balancing the color palette will do the trick, so pick a few neutral shades for your collection. You may have some qualms about the choice, but it will definitely give you more styling options.

Choose the best quality

Choosing the best quality is perhaps the most significant rule for building a minimalist wardrobe. Minimalism is about embracing a sustainable mindset, which is about making things last.

Opting for quality is the ideal solution, as these clothes are durable. So you can wear them over the years. They may cost more than the regular stuff, but you shouldn’t think twice about spending extra for quality. So, always make sure you get quality clothing from a retailer like Boohoo Man.

Building a minimalist wardrobe may sound overwhelming to a novice, but it is simpler than you imagine. Stock up on the basics, follow a specific number and do not cut corners with quality, and you are good to go!