How many pages is a PhD thesis?

A PhD thesis is a qualifying work. It is written by a research associate for awarding a title or degree. There are only three types of dissertations: master’s, candidate’s and doctoral.

When defending a candidate’s thesis, you must demonstrate your level by fulfilling several requirements, including formal ones. It is important to present not only actual scientific results but also to draw up carefully the PhD thesis, the abstract, and all documents. You need to formulate all the provisions and eliminate grammatical errors carefully.

A successfully defended candidate’s thesis allows the scientist to get an excellent position at the prospect of career growth. Such specialists are in great demand not only in budget but also in commercial organisations. After all, practical work experience, purposefulness, activity and self-organisation are always “in the price”.

The choice of the topic of the work is the key factor in writing a PhD thesis, which confirms innovation and relevance in finding solutions to existing problems. For this, the author is recommended to analyse the research carried out by predecessor scientists. Yes, writing such a work requires a lot of effort and work.

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PhD thesis structure: The main points

Adherence to the structure of the thesis is a mandatory condition for admission to the defence. Each work of a scientist has its own story: the beginning – the development of events – the culmination – the conclusion. Any PhD thesis consists of the following parts:

  • Content
  • Introduction
  • Sections and subdivisions – the main segment
  • Conclusion
  • A list of sources (also called a bibliographic list)

You have to divide the entire text into subheadings and design the title page. In addition to the mandatory components of the structure, there are two additional elements – appendices and a list of abbreviations, which must be specified immediately after the table of contents. You can add these parts, or you can do without them. However, almost all scientific publications have appendices.

The key component of the thesis is the main part. Elements such as a plan or title page require a formal technical approach. The main part contains the whole essence of the thesis. In sections we must: 

  • Analyze known decisions and provisions.
  • Describe problematic situations, and indicate shortcomings and acute aspects of the object.
  • Specify tasks and goals.
  • Solve all the necessary tasks.
  • Conduct experiments, and establish cause-and-effect relationships and logical chains.
  • Scientifically justify your decisions.
  • Evaluate the performed research.

We see the importance of the main part of the dissertation. It should account for 80-85% of the total volume. The introduction and conclusions make up about 5% each. However, their content is no less important, it’s just that it is as concise as possible.

The volume of the thesis is approximately 100-160 A4 pages. The title, content of the work, and list of sources are not counted. Text design must meet all state requirements. The candidate’s work is checked for anti-plagiarism because, at the defence stage, there must be documentary confirmation of the uniqueness of the text.

PhD thesis writing assistance

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Ready to write your PhD thesis?

Successful completion of the candidate’s thesis allows you to receive the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. This opens up opportunities for a scientific career, and work in higher education institutions, research centres and other fields of scientific activity.

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