How the right bedroom furniture and decor can help you to sleep better

A comfortable goodnight sleep is essential for everyone in the family, especially if they have a morning routine that includes going to work or reporting to school.

A proper night’s sleep can set the tone for your day and get it off to a positive start. But too many people struggle to sleep well. And one reason for this can be your furniture.

How to make the right furniture choices for your bedroom

There are plenty of aspects that you need to take into account when planning your bedroom furniture. And one of these is your budget. It’s not always easy to find high quality cheap furniture, but whatever your budget it’s important to plan and research.

So let’s look at what you need to consider when choosing your bedroom furniture – and other tips to help ensure your bedroom is conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Don’t clutter up your bedroom

One mistake too many people make is by cluttering their bedroom with too much furniture, or too many accessories or piles of clothes and items. When furnishing your bedroom you need to strike a balance between enough furniture and giving your room space to breathe.

Try to choose items with storage, so you can keep your bedroom surfaces – and your mind clear. Studies show that people with cluttered, messy bedrooms take longer to fall asleep, so don’t crowd your surfaces with ornaments and accessories and try to keep your room tidy.

Invest in a good mattress

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with an uncomfortable mattress, so it’s worth investing in a good one. If you’ve had your mattress for years and either struggle to sleep or wake with aches and pains, it may be a sign it’s time to replace it.

A mattress is, and should be, a considerable purchase so do your research before spending money. Remember: you’ll spend as many as eight hours a night sleeping on it, so it’s worth spending a bit more to get the right one if you need.

Work out whether you are best suited to a firm or soft mattress, and what type works best for you. Ideally you’ll be able to try out some mattresses before committing, so check out any local stores.

Get comfortable bedding sets

Once you’ve chosen your mattress it’s time to look at your bedding. When is the last time you bought new bedding? Is your current set bobbly and uncomfortable? And what about your pillows and duvet? Is your duvet the right weight for your season and needs? And do your pillows give you enough support?

Like a mattress, you’ll spend a considerable part of every 24 hours with you bedding, so it’s worth not skimping on quality. Having a nice set of Or & Zon – stonewashed linen quilts – goes a long way in keeping you comfortable as well.

Choose adequate colors in your room

Do the colours in your room encourage calmness and sleep? Research shows that calm and light colored decor and furniture can significantly improve the quality of sleep, while bold and vibrant colours can negatively effect your sleeping experience. 

So opt for serene, tranquil colours like lavender, terracotta, light blue or green, cream, or soothing grey – shades that make you feel calm and relaxed.

Adjust lights

After your furniture, your bedroom lighting probably has the most influential role in determining the quality of your sleep. It is important that lights are dim and low when it is time to sleep. And make sure you keep out daylight with adequate blinds and curtains.