How ex-teacher Jennie Adams started her education business with our help

How can we help you build a business you love? Find out how our business course Kickstart helped ex-teacher Jennie Adams launch her education business in our video interview.

Since we launched Talented Ladies Club we’ve seen so many talented mothers launch successful businesses and freelance careers. But the ones we’re always the most proud of, are those grown by the members of our business courses, like our new TLC Business Club.

Before we created the TLC Business Club, we ran another 12-month business start-up course called Kickstart. And one of the entrepreneurs who joined Kickstart was former deputy head teacher Jennie Adam.

Over the course of our year together we watched Jennie’s tutoring business grow right from the very start when she nervously resigned from a career that was no longer working for her, and took her first tentative steps as an entrepreneur.

And as part of our Start it up! campaign we thought it wold be helpful to re-share Jennie’s story. Find out how she came up with her business idea, how she first got it off the ground, what’s worked for her (and, just as importantly, what hasn’t!) in our video. Plus why Jennie believes courses like the TLC Business Club are a “must-have” for mothers starting their first business.

“Do it, definitely do it!”

We wanted to find out how Kickstart has helped Jennie, so we asked her what she’d say to someone thinking of joining one of our business courses. This is her response:

“Do it, definitely do it! For me I was starting a business with no budget; I had nothing. But you need to invest in something that’s going to help you create a structure, because I really floundered in the beginning knowing what to do when.

It’s really easy to focus on too many things at once, and… the programme will give you that structure to focus on one thing, do it really well, get it right and move on. I think it will really help people not be overwhelmed because that happens so easily in the early days.

Kickstart gave me all of the resources I needed for things I had no knowledge about, like setting up a website, SEO and social media… I’ve looked at lots of different business clubs and training course and some of them are really unfriendly and not approachable.

TLC is a really supportive network and that is what really sold it to me. It’s talented people helping other talented people and it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, because there’s always something you’ll get out of it.

I think it’s a must-have really. It was essential for me; it’s got me to the stage where I’m at now and I don’t think I could have done it without it.”

Love our help to launch and grow YOUR business? Find out what you get in our 12-month course the TLC Business Club.