How crystal jewelry is a new style and wellness trend

Over the past few years we’ve seen many styles and wellness trends come and go – from yoga and Pilates to essential oils.

And over the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have opted for virtual wellness routines. They’ve also turned to more grounded and holistic choices. With higher unemployment rates and fears over future financial security, many people have turned their backs on luxury.

One area we can see this is in the jewelry market, with many people choosing crystal jewelry over diamonds, platinum or gold. Global warming has forced us to realize the importance of our natural resources and the effects of deforestation on our planet.

Mental health has also become bigger cause of concern with remote working during Covid, and health and wellness have come into a sharper focus. As a result, spiritual and alternative medicine like crystal healing has seen a considerable rise. Read on to find out how crystal jewelry is a new style and wellness trend.

The revival of ancient alternative medicine

The forefathers of mysticism used crystals for their healing power. Although ignored by certified medical practitioners, who attribute crystal healing to the placebo effect.

Proponents carry crystals for good health, luck and positive vibes. From adding them to home interiors, using them for spiritual activities or simply wearing them, crystals have been fast gaining popularity worldwide. Some celebrities like Adele, Lady Gaga and others have been seduced by the apparent healing power of these gemstones.

Crystal healing has become more widely accepted

With rising stress levels around the world, wellness has become a top priority. Crystal healing, Reiki and yoga in all its variations have been widely accepted. Proponents choose to wear crystals in the form of aquamarine pendant necklaces or moonstone rings to ensure that the gemstone touches their body and allows the flow of energy.

Some brands of crystals claim to improve blood circulation, skin and lymphatic drainage. The West is catching on fast to the healing methods of the East. It started with yoga, and now crystals are a new fascination.

When it comes to crystals, there is a lot of misinformation out there. One of the most common misconceptions is that healing crystals need to be charged. While it is true that some crystals need to be charged, such as selenite, many others do not.

For example, amethyst and turquoise are two popular crystals that do not need to be charged. Instead, they should be cleansed with running water regularly. So, if you are wondering how to charge crystals with Selenite or other crystals, do your research and find out which ones require this type of care.

The reintroduction of crystal gemstones to add glitter

As we slowly step into the festive season, we look for outfits with more glitter and drama. But after the COVID-19 recession, many people are more mindful of their spending.

Crystals aren’t just exclusive to big brands anymore. The trend of colorful crystal jewelry is a treat for the eyes and also for inner peace. Today, you don’t have to give a diamond ring to express your love and commitment. Instead you can start with a crystal and platinum promise ring and later move on to the big rock. The semi-precious gemstones offer not only glitter but also color.

The importance of crystals in spiritual circles

Regardless of their effectiveness, people in spiritual circles have taken a huge interest in crystals. Many use the stones to ward off negative energy, elevate their spirits and help them through transitional periods. Call it superstition or the placebo effect; crystals fall under the umbrella of mysticism.

Some people use crystals during meditation, spas or yoga. There’s also a special place for gemstones in astrology. Experts can prescribe you a stone based on your horoscope and the position of planets. Big fashion and clothing brands like Gucci have introduced mystic motifs like cats or the moon. 

Crystals in pop culture

No Potterhead or Harry Potter fan can forget about Luna Lovegood’s jewelry collection. Her plum-shaped earrings were a must-have for jewelry enthusiasts. The palm stone or the crystal headpiece worn by the Elvenking in The Hobbit is unforgettable. Stones often appear as talismans, amulets or magic props in movies. Be it any generation, new or old, all fantasized about having a crystal with magical powers!