How a woman’s body affects her weight – and why not all diets work the same for everyone

Are you often on a diet? Love to lose a few pounds but never seem to be able to? Find out how a woman’s body affects her weight – and why not all diets work the same for everyone.

Losing weight isn’t just about looking good. There are so many benefits to being a healthy weight, including a better quality of life and living longer.

But why can some women find it harder than others, or harder than men, to lose weight? Let’s explore how our anatomy and physiology impacts the way we store fat and the food we crave.

How women’s anatomy and physiology impact our weight

One of the biggest reasons why it can be harder for women to lose weight than it is for men, is our anatomy. Factors that influence our weight include how we store body fat and the menstrual cycle.

Citing studies conducted at the Rockefeller University in New York, the Los Angeles Times reported that the anatomical difference between men and women can be seen even at the cellular level.

The studies showed that women have more fat cells than men in particular parts of their body, including their thighs, hips, and bottoms. Men, meanwhile, are more likely to accumulate fat in their bellies.

The number of fat cells in our bodies is actually controlled by so-called ‘alpha receptors’, and these are apparently more prominent in men. Estrogen has also shown to reduce the ability of women to burn energy, thus storing more fat.

Fertile women and women also tend to feel more hungry just before their period, thanks to higher progesterone levels (progesterone is said to lead to both compulsive eating and body dissatisfaction – a great combination)!

How your body type can affect your weight

Aside from a woman’s tendency to store more fat in particular areas of their bodies, and the impact of hormones, women also have varying body types that affect how fast or slow their metabolism is:

  • Ectomorph – Ectomorphs are women that are typically taller and leaner, although these women are said to have difficulty in building muscle.
  • Mesomorph– Women who are considered to be mesomorphs have just the right amount of fat and muscle in their body. They have a high metabolic rate which makes it easier for them to lose weight, while at the same time, their bodies are believed to be responsive to muscle building.
  • Endomorph – Endomorphs are often pear-shaped who store the most fat compared to the rest. Women with this body type can have difficulty in losing weight.

How can you get the body you want (or even better – you need)?

We’re not sharing the above information to depress you, or to make you think there’s little you can do to impact your weight, given the cards nature has dealt you. We just want to let you know that not everyone is the same, and our tendency to gain weight, or ease of losing it can vary considerably from woman to woman, and even at different times in your menstrual cycle.

But whatever body type you may have, and however easily it feels that you gain weight, you still have choices and the ability to maintain a healthy physique. Yes, it’s important to learn to love your body just the way it is, but if you want to enjoy good health (mental and physical) and stay active as you get older, then you need to care for the body you have now.

The goal is simple: to be healthy. Whether you’re an ectomorph or an endomorph, you need to consciously choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Go for a walk every day. Eat the right foods. Drink healthy juices instead of soda. Even the smallest steps can lead to great leaps later on, for as long as you’re going in the right direction.

It’s not about living on salads every day, but about finding a lifestyle you enjoy, and one that enables you to feel your best. It’s also not about dieting yourself into a dress shape, or to see a particular number on the scales. It’s about having a body you love and that loves you back. If that means you want to use a safe fat-loss procedure like coolsculpting, that’s okay too. Coolsculpting Chicago (also known as Contour Medspa) is one company that offer the service – you can learn more about how it works on their website.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing about being a woman is not what you looks like or what size you’re in. Rather, it’s what you do, how you feel and what you makes from your life that truly matters.