Here’s how you should welcome your new neighbors

A new neighbor arriving next door is exciting because it changes the landscape of your neighborhood. And as you both get to know each other, you’ll want to make a great first impression.

But how can you do that? What’s the best way to approach them when they move in? Instead of either overwhelming or ignoring them completely, here are some things to offer whenever your neighbors move in, to make them feel welcome and get your relationship off to a great start.

Share a list of important local numbers

If they’re from outside of the city or don’t know the area that well, it may be nice to compile a shortlist of helpful numbers. These can include anything from cheap local handymen, the local HOA’s contact information, to the local non-emergency numbers in case they need help once they move in. You can also include some fun numbers, like your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Offer an invite to any community get-togethers

If there are any community block parties or get-togethers planned shortly, let them know!  You don’t have to invite them to anything going on in your personal life, but giving them a chance to get to know the others in the neighborhood can be a nice change of pace. 

Respect their space, but be friendly

Don’t overwhelm them or bother them while they’re still moving in.  If they have movers there, wait until after these hired hands have left since they charge by the hour.  Instead, visit them while it seems like they’re home without guests and be friendly.  If they don’t answer the door or say they can’t talk at the moment, respect their boundaries!  Giving them the space to reach out to you can be a good way to establish boundaries early on.

Giving baked goods is sweet, but be careful

Many like to bake bread or cookies to drop off for their neighbors: but be careful!  Avoid using anything that’s a common allergy issue for people, like nuts.  If they’re not home when you drop it off, leave a warning on it for anything besides basic ingredients.  Although baking for them is a nice thing to do, you’re also risking offering something they don’t like.  Making a small snack and drink gift basket with prepackaged foods from the area might be easier and safer.  

If you have kids, offer a playdate

One of the worst things about moving into houses for rent in Columbus, GA, is that they have to start friendships from scratch if you have kids.  If you notice your neighbor has kids around the age of your children, ask if they’d like to have a playdate, or if they’re older, ask your child to introduce themself.  Although there’s no guarantee they’ll get along, getting to know the neighbors and becoming friends with them can be a nice change of pace for everyone involved.

Your neighbors are people you may live next to for several years.  It’s important to start things off on the right foot by being friendly, but not every neighbor is going to be your best friend.  The most you can do is be nice and hope for the best.