Here’s how women can become forklift operators

Traditionally, industrial jobs have mostly been considered a man’s job. However, today women can also step into these roles to earn a substantial living along with independence. 

One of the industrial roles that are highly male dominated in Canada is becoming a forklift operator. For years, any reputed staffing agency Canada has seen only men applying for this job role since it is a general belief that men can do all the heavy lifting. But such is not the case!

Can women become forklift operators? 

Women can absolutely become forklift drivers. As far as OSHA regulations are concerned, there is no such regulation that says that women can’t become a forklift operator. In fact, the Canadian government promotes men and women both to find exciting job opportunities that earn them a good living and overall lifestyle. 

So, yes, a woman can become a forklift operator. If you don’t believe us, here are a few examples of women who proved that they are successful at being forklift operators. 

Successful female forklift operators around the world

To inspire you, here are some successful female forklift operators around the world.

Bhawana Thapaliya

Bhawana Thapaliya is the first female driver in Nepal. During the 2015 earthquake, she started working with WFP Nepal’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Team. During this time, she worked as a material handler. And she was absolutely efficient at the job proving to the world that women can become forklift operators too. 

Glenda Iruna, DaphneyAopo, Margaret Peter, Pauline Nou, Norah Rau, and Patrisa Leva

These six women are efficient and successful female forklift operators who were recognized by the CPL group. They are based in New Papua Guinea and work with this supply chain company as qualified and professional forklift operators. This proves that women can be an efficient workforce if trained effectively and without bias. 

Lita Safriana

Based in Sumatra, Indonesia, Lita Safriana works with Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper’s manufacturing complex. She has the role of forklift operator proving yet again that women can be equally competent as men in industrial roles. 

Aqeelah Ibrahim Al Marzooq

Aqeelah Ibrahim Al Marzooq is the first female forklift driver in Saudi Arabia. Earlier, in Saudi Arabia, there was a ban on women driving vehicles. However, when the ban was lifted in 2018, PepsiCo trained and hired Aqeelah Ibrahim Al Marzooq to become the first female forklift driver. This clearly shows how women can contribute to the country’s economy when they are given a chance to be a part of the workforce. 

Patsi López Cruz

Contecon Manzanillo (CMSA) wanted to move forward with bringing gender equality to the workplace. And so they hired Patsi López Cruz as the first female forklift driver at the port of Manzanillo. The first step taken by Patsi López Cruz has paved the way for other women to become part of this male-dominated industry. Now, the company has almost 43 female stevedores on the port. 

As you can see, you can become a successful forklift driver, if you find the right opportunity around you. Moreover, you must have the determination and enthusiasm to learn and train efficiently to give your best. Any leading job recruiters Toronto will be excited to see women taking up brilliant job opportunities in the country.

But before you apply for forklift driver jobs in the country, you need to be certified and trained for the job. Here’s how you can get forklift driver certification. 

How to get forklift operator certification

Now, you don’t need a college degree to become a forklift operator. However, you do need a training certification. Here’s how you can get it. 

  • Training Eenrolment: Find a training school that offers a forklift operator certification course. Just make sure that the type of forklift you want to train on should match the school’s curriculum. 
  • Attend classroom training: Once you have successfully enrolled in the certification course, you need to attend classroom training. Here you will learn the fundamentals of forklift operation, safety regulations (personal and surroundings), and many more crucial topics. 
  • Pass a written test: To evaluate your theoretical knowledge, you need to pass a written test. You will have to give a multiple-choice questions test where you need to answer 100 questions. Although the number of questions will depend on the school you are enrolled in. You need to score at least 75% to be certified as a forklift operator. 
  • Undergo practical training: The written test will be followed by practical training. You will operate the forklift in real-time under expert supervision. In this training, you will learn the machine controls, loading, and unloading of the material, safety protocols, turning and parking the forklift, and much more. 
  • Final evaluation: Finally, you will be evaluated to provide the certification. You will have to perform certain tasks using the forklift. The tasks will be provided by the instructor. Based on your overall performance, you will be evaluated and granted the certification. 

Once you have received your forklift operator certification, you should start finding a job in the country. 

Here are the responsibilities that you need to fulfill as a forklift driver. 

What are the duties of the forklift driver?

Here are some of the duties you may undertake as a forklift driver:

  • Loading and unloading goods and packages from vehicles such as airplanes, trucks, ships, and more.
  • If you have a warehouse forklift driver job, you need to stack or move the packages of the goods. 
  • Stacking empty pallets after unloading the goods. 
  • Checking if the loads are secure on the forklift for moving.
  • You might have to unload or load the goods by hand.
  • Since forklift driving can cause major injuries due to negligence, you need to always perform an equipment check before using the forklift. 
  • You may also be involved in the packing of goods for loading on the forklift and thus the vehicle.

As you can see, when you become a forklift driver, you will be responsible for a myriad of things at your workplace. Hence, you must be ready to give your best. 

It’s becoming easier for women to become forklift drivers

With gender equality in the workplace being pushed by governments and business organizations, chances of getting forklift driver jobs for women will become easier. 

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