Hands up if you’re hands-free!

As a mum you often have your hands full on the school or nursery run – not just with a couple of little ones, but quite literally!

Fashion stylist Karen Skagerlind explains why it’s important to be ready to pick up and carry anything as a mum, and how to plan a hands-free wardrobe.

Why you need to be a hands-free mum

I often feel like a carthorse after school pick up – juggling blazers, lunchboxes, a parent letter or two that’s thrust at me, and more often than not some litter I need to dispose of, not to mention my mobile and hopefully the car/house keys. If it’s raining, a brolly may just tip the balance!

So here are my practical stylish tips for keeping the school or nursery run a hands-free affair.


First it’s got to be a cross body bag, or a stylish alternative to the good old backpack. Luckily both styles are on trend so not difficult to find on the high street.


White ASOS Zip Top Backpack; Coccinelle leather messenger bag; Zara printed leather messenger bag; Cath Kidston backpack


Then it’s a hat (I’ve been sporting a jaunty trilby that I got years ago in TK Maxx). A hat means you can forgo a brolly in the drizzle and it’s brilliant for hiding any grey hairs or roots that need attention. I love the fedora styles that Alexa Chung has been showcasing lately.

If you think you don’t suit a structured hat then a woolly pom pom version is an easy alternative, hiding not just a bad hair day but keeping your ears warm against those biting winter winds!


Esprit Pom Beanie Hat; Helene Berman Double Pom Pom Beanie Hat; F&F Cable Knit Leopard Print Pom Pom BeanieWarehouse purple fedora hat


A practical coat with a hood and copious pockets also eliminates the need for a hat or bag. Here are my favourites.


Pink Soda parkaWarehouse parkaF&F hooded parka with wool

So now you’re hands free at the nursery/school gates you’ve just got to remember which pocket you put your keys in…

By Karen Skagerlind of Wardrobe Wand.