Got a question about the TLC Business Club? Here’s the answer!

Interested in the TLC Business Club but have unanswered questions? We hope these FAQ answers will help!

When does the course run?

The TLC Business Club starts on 20 September, and runs for 12 months. So if you have children it gives you time to get them settled into a routine at school or nursery. It’s completely online and the modules are self-paced which means you can work on it when, where and how you like.

My business idea is unique. Will this still work for me?

The principles we teach you are sector agnostic. You’ll learn good business practice that will work for any type of business – whether you’re online e-commerce, a bricks and mortar business or provide a service. (It’s suitable for freelancers.)

What’s more important than the type of business you run is the type of person you are. From experience the kind of people who thrive in this process are those who are ready and willing to take action, and trust the process. We know what we share with you works – we’ve proven it time and time again – but YOU will need to actually do the work to get results.

How much time will I need to devote to the course?

That depends partly on you. Obviously the more time you can put into your business, the quicker you’ll make progress. But not all time is equal. What we teach you will SAVE you time because you’ll work smarter on the tasks that will have the most impact on your business.

But if you’re looking for some guidance, if you can spend at least two hours a week, you’ll easily be able to manage the course content.

I’m worried I’ll lose focus. How much accountability is involved?

We don’t hold you personally accountable for your progress – instead we give you the timeframe and the process to follow, with structure and milestones to keep you motivated and on track. And we’re there to cheer you on and offer guidance and support in our weekly calls.

The reality is that if you seriously want to run a profitable, thriving business you need to be personally accountable. So we don’t teach you to be dependent on us for your progress – we help you dig into YOUR why, YOUR goals and YOUR skills. So when you finish the programme you’re already flying solo, and loving it!

What does the course cover?

Over our 12 months together we’ll cover all the essential building blocks of a successful, PROFITABLE business. Here’s the roadmap we’ll follow:

How much does it cost?

You have the choice of two pricing plans. You can pay upfront for £1999 and save £389, or spread your payment over the year with 12 instalments of £199. (All prices include VAT.)

Or, if you join before the 10 August you can secure your place with our early bird prices. Which means you can either pay upfront for £1499, saving £289 or in 12 instalments of just £149.

The TLC Business Club is a powerful investment in your success, and we fully expect you to more than earn it back through the advice, guidance and support you gain from it. As we ourselves have done from the courses and coaching we continually invest in. And as have the people we have worked with on similar courses in the past.

Here’s an example of the kind of results we have helped entrepreneurs achieve (these are from our 12-week Double Your Profits programme):

  • e-Commerce store owner Amanda Overend tripled her online sales in six weeks (and has continued to grow them consistently since thanks to the changes she made).
  • Fashion stylist Sally Smy made £900 from one sales email in week two.
  • Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams made over £10,600 in a month on her course launch thanks to the changes I recommended.
  • Marketing consultant Kerry Coleman increased her profits by 240% in just a few weeks.
  • Calligrapher Alejandra Gonaldi got her entire investment back from one workshop that she planned because of the course.

How long do I have access to the programme?

You have lifetime access to the online content. So if you want to re-visit an exercise or masterclass later on you can. The programme itself is structured over 12 months, with 12 monthly modules and group calls over the 12 months.

How often are the calls?

You have 42 group calls over the 12 months. The calls are weekly, with breaks for school holidays. Once you start the course we’ll send you a questionnaire to find the best time for the calls. All calls are recorded for you to watch afterwards if you wish. If you can’t make a call you are welcome to submit a question and we’ll answer in the call.

How often do you run this course?

This course has an annual intake. So if you miss this cohort you’ll need to wait a year to join. And just think on the progress (and income!) you’ll have missed out on while you wait.

How much money will I make from my business?

Again, this depends on your business and on you! We can’t promise you anything – and no one responsible running courses like this ever should. What we can say is that we know what businesses who make money do right, and we show you how to do the same.

We also know what business who don’t make money usually do wrong, and we’ll show you how to avoid that!

The advice, systems and strategies we show you over the year we’re together have helped us and other business owners and freelancers like you make good money, and our aim for this course is for you to create a business that doesn’t just turn over money but actually makes you a PROFIT.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

We want you to be absolutely happy with the decision to join the TLC Business Club. So if in the first 14 days of the course starting you decide you want a refund just let us know and we’ll return your money in full, no questions asked.

If you have signed up for the annual plan, you must only have accessed one module in order to receive a full refund.

If you change your mind, or your circumstances change, any time after the first 14 days, we’ll happily stop your payment plan for future months, or refund you for any unused modules if you joined the annual plan. Please do note that we cannot refund you for modules you have already accessed.

Got a question we haven’t answered here? Email Hannah directly with “TLC Business Club question” as a subject line and she’ll be happy to answer.