Girls swimsuit collection: How many should a toddler own?

Does your toddler love swimming? Find out how many bathing suits you need to buy, and how to fid the perfect swimsuit for your child.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can easily determine the number of swimsuits your toddler should have. For example, if you spend most of your time at the pool to have frequent tours of beach destinations, having a couple of bathing suits makes sense.

If you enjoy swimming and your little one accompanies you to the pool every day, then having a variety of girls swimsuits collection will be a more feasible option for you. 

While you can keep a regular suit for daily wear, keeping one aside for special occasions can be good practice. Girl’s swimsuits come in a variety of designs and patterns; you would want to grab them all for your little one. 

How to build your toddler’s swimwear collection

Let’s have a look at the list of options that can allow you to build your tot’s swimwear collection quite easily. 

  • It’s ideal to have at least four to five bathing suits if your toddler swims frequently. Since your toddler will be going to the pool with you, twinning your swimsuits can be an amazing option. 
  • Exposure to chlorine water cause your swimwear fabric to deteriorate over time. Make sure to buy top quality swimsuit made up of a blend of polyester and spandex. 
  • Picking up the right set of bathing suits is as difficult as buying a pair of denim. Look for the styles that fit your toddler baby’s shoulder and waist, giving her comfortable wear. 
  • Take note of the stitching and how finely it’s been done. Check if the swimsuit you are buying for your toddler has a single-row, double-row, or zig-zag stitching. 
  • The fabric of your toddler’s swimwear must be UVA and UVB-safe. Check if these numbers are effectively protecting your kid’s skin from the scorching rays of the sun. 
  • Buying a trendy swimsuit for toddlers is every mom’s dream. If you’re buying one, you can look out for an expensive set but you should keep your budget in mind when you are looking to get multiple of these. 
  • When buying a swimsuit for your toddler, visit the size guide and then check if the selected size would fit your baby. This will help you pick the right suit without wasting money. 
  • Since you are buying a bathing suit for your little one, make sure the color and style look amazing on her. The same tips apply to buying a lounge set or sleepwear for a comfortable sleep

Pair your toddler’s swimsuit with accessories

You may not want to emphasize more on accessorizing your little one when going to the pool. However, if you are going on a beach vacation and will be spending most of your time in the sparkling sand and glittering beach water, accessories are a must. 

Your little one will look trendy and stylish with accessories. Don’t forget to capture her images to cherish for a lifetime. You can buy a pair of hats, beach sandals, pearl necklaces, and bracelets for your toddler baby to make a matching whole which will ensure that your little one looks just charming.

Starting with the hat, buy a decent size that can protect the little one’s head, hair, And Face from the sun. a wide brim will offer you the most coverage. A necklace can instantly transform your tot’s beach appearance while adding glamor to the swimsuit. 

Ahh! How can we forget about sunglasses? Your little one will look astonishing in the colored lenses that can protect her eyes from strong ultraviolet rays. A pair of colorful beach slip-on is all you need to give her a complete beach look. 

Hope, this bathing suit collection guide will help your dress your little one in style when going to the pool or the beach. Give her an all-new style statement that will make her stand out.