Why you should #Giftabundle of your child’s old clothes

Wondering what to do with your child’s old clothes? Find out how you can #Giftabundle and help local families.

Our children grow up so quickly we’re often left wondering where the time went. They also grow out of their clothes at an extraordinary rate and we wonder when they’ll stop growing long enough to actually get their wear out of something.

This means that in wardrobes, drawers and lofts across the country there must be a lot of preloved, good condition baby clothes, taking up prime space in our homes; according to mothercare it’s 183 million items!

It’s hard to let go too; clothing, especially babywear, often conjures up memories of their first few years, first important milestones and birthdays. But, what if you could help other families by getting just 6-10 items, aged premature-three years, together in a bundle and taking them to mothercare?

You’ll be extending the life cycle of baby clothes, helping someone to save money, and reducing the amount of textiles that go to landfill.

Here at Talented Ladies Club we’re happy to support the #Giftabundle campaign by Mothercare and Hubbub, an environmental charity, to help you do just that.

So #Giftabundle by Sunday 11th March to mothercare and from Mothers day they will be gifted to families via community groups in your local area. Here’s how it works:

You can find out more about #Giftabundle here

Photo by Daiga Ellaby