Five signs your car needs maintenance

Are you a car owner? Discover the signs to look out for that it needs a service, and four reasons why it is worth investing in maintaining your car.

Most of us are dependent on our vehicles today. In the UK around 77% of all households apparently have at least one car, while 81% of the population has access to a car. And in the US, according to a Pew Research Center survey, 88% of Americans own a personal car or belong to a household that does. 

And like any asset, it is essential that you look after your car, so it too can look after you properly, and work when you need it to – as well as keeping you and other road users safe.

This means ensuring that you don’t just keep up with regulations in your area, such as MOTs in the UK, but you proactively care for your car with servicing and regular maintenance.

It is also essential to be aware of worrying signs your car may require more urgent assistance, and take action promptly.

Five signs your car needs some attention

If you are not sure about the problems or signs to look out for, here are five indications your car may need a trip to a service center for maintenance.

1) Fluid leak

If you ever discover a pool of liquid under your car, then it is worth paying a visit to the service center. Leaking fluids can indicate several different issues, all of which need urgent attention. The fluid can be from coolant, transmission fluid or oil. It can also be from the power steering or even the brakes.

2) Weird noises

If you notice any new or odd noises coming from your car, make sure you get an expert to check it out. The most common strange noise is a grinding noises from the brakes, which can indicate worn brakes. Another is whining noises from the transmission which can be caused by low transmission fluid.

3) Weird smells

Different smells can indicate different problems with your car. Maple syrup-like smell can indicate issues with the cooling system, mold growth can be indicated by a smell of dirty laundry, and a burning smell can be a cause of worn-out clutch.

4) Odd noises

If you notice any movements when driving, this may be a symptom of an underlying problem with your car which may need immediate attention. A vibrating brake pedal can be a sign of twisted rotors, while an exhaust leak can result from a moving gas pedal. And a steering wheel that moves on it own may suggest a power steering problem.

With all of these issues make sure you get help quickly to ensure that your car is safe to drive and they don’t develop into something large that might not be reversible.

5) Dashboard lights

If you notice warning lights on your dashboard, such as the battery light, engine light, ABS light, TPMS light or others, it may mean that your car needs a thorough investigation to find out the cause of the issue and then remedy it. You need a skilled and experienced service provider to accurately diagnose the issue and fix it effectively.

Four benefits of keeping your car well maintained

Wondering if servicing your car regularly is worth the investment? Here are four benefits of keeping your car well maintained.

1) Increased safety

It is important to protect your safety as much as possible when you are in a car. We’ve all been in a position where we don’t want to take our car for its annual service due to lack of time or funds.

But when we put off maintaining our car, we increase our level of risk while driving. Even getting small things done, such as an oil chance will ensure your car is better and safer… and can even turn up other problems you hadn’t noticed. Often mechanics will notice another issue when attending to the problem your car was booked in for.

2) Save money

It might seem like car servicing is an expense you can’t afford, but the reverse is true. When your car goes through routine maintenance, any faults are tested so they can be found early and fixed before they become a bigger (and more expensive) problem.

If the issue is not addressed early, so it can get worse and most costly, so it is always wiser to catch them early. This is especially true with European cars like VW, so it’s best to take your car into a Volkswagen service in Adelaide center to have it routinely maintained and checked up on!

3) Greater peace of mind

When your car is maintained regularly, you can have more confidence that it is not going to break down, and you won’t end up being late for or missing an appointment, or needing to call assistance while waiting by your car at the side of the road.

You can also drive at night and on quiet, remote roads (maybe even somewhere without a mobile connection) with more confidence knowing your car should get you to your end destination and not put you potentially in a position of danger, or leave you unable to get help.

4) You’ll better maintain your car’s value

If you’re looking to buy a new car in the future and need sell the one you’ve got right now, then you should pay particular attention to maintenance. You may not understand it now, but when you need to sell your car, you’ll discover that it is worth more if it has been properly maintained and has a full service record.

It’s also important to note that you car’s engine isn’t the only thing you need to maintain; you also need to maintain the interior and exterior, so overall regular deep cleaning and car washing is also a must. Check out JennyChem for snow foam and lances. 

Look after your car and it will look after you

As you can see, there are many good reasons why it’s worth spending money on maintaining your car. So if you haven’t done so lately, consider booking a full service for your car, and make sure it looks after you.