Get up, stand up and own it – seven tips for self-development

Looking for inspiration to take personal responsibility and achieve more? Here are seven tips for self-development.

Sometimes life can feel like a circle of routines, where nothing evolves. This is very common for many people around the globe. Businesses, career paths, kids, house, errands, exercise, and social life, there are just not enough hours in one day.

This way of life often results in dreams being dreams and life just happening, while being busy. If you’re in desperate need of change and want to pursue your dreams, this article might inspire you.

1) Write your dreams down

A lot of dreams and goals seem to just appear in the mind and often nothing is done with them. The first step is therefore to write all of these down. Take some time to think about these for yourself and start writing. Afterward, try to think about how you will achieve them in small steps. Remember, this is a process that can take time and nothing happens overnight.

2) Dress like a boss

Dressing up, and making yourself look good does wonder for the mind. Get inspired by some fancy looking flannel clothes from sites like, and do your hair and makeup if you feel like it. This will do wonders for self-esteem.

3) Work your problems

If you’re struggling with some things mentally, it might be a good idea to talk with a professional. It’s completely okay and very helpful in many situations, to speak with someone and not just keep the problems to yourself.

4) Get help to pursue your dreams

You might not need a therapist but seeing a coach may also be extremely rewarding if you’re working on your goals and dreams. Lifestyle coaches are widely available, and many people and businesses benefit from consultations.

5) Go traveling for a new perspective

Traveling can do wonders for you and especially if you require seeing a different perspective on life. If you haven’t been away for a very long time, it might be now you should go. Of course, it’s amazing to bring your loved ones, but if you want to work on yourself, consider doing a solo trip.

Whether being in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives will do the job, a camping trip or a 3-week backpacking trip through Europe is what you need. Travelling often leads to more creativity, exactly because you’re out of your comfort zone, where all you must concentrate on is here and now.

6) Stress down

If you can, make sure you also make time for resting and alone time. When the hamster wheel is just spinning every day, you may not have any time to just unwind your brain. This also means you might have to learn to say no to some things. Maybe that party on a Saturday night, might not be in the best interest of you and your needs.

7) Exercise even though you don’t have time

Staying active is very important for both body and mind, so make sure you follow the recommendations even though you’re short on time. Take the bicycle instead of the car, go for an early run in the morning or something else.

Photo by Randy Tarampi