Get the party started with the ultimate Christmas playlist

Getting the Christmas party right is the pride of any host – and making sure you have the right playlist to match is essential.

Christmas is a time where you can show off your best hosting skills – from organising Secret Santa to cooking a feast, there is plenty of opportunity to spread the cheer. And one key skill all hosts need to know is timing the party right.

Dressing up in your favourite clothes can get you in the festive spirit, and a well-made playlist can help too. Ensure you’re greeting guests to Santa Claus is Coming to Town or unwrapping your gifts listening to Underneath the Tree. The right music can definitely set the right atmosphere.

Maddie Kelly at Pink Boutique has investigated what makes the perfect Christmas playlist. The average length of Christmas playlists includes 88 songs, resulting in just over five hours of party time to play with.

By comparing the most common songs in 1000 Spotify “Christmas” playlists, they have the answer to the 88 best backing tracks for your festive get-together this year, and the top tips for hosting the perfect event.

Get the music right

It is no surprise that the ultimate Christmas party playlist kicks off with Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You appeared 475 times across the playlists – so don’t forget to warm up for those high notes. Other staples like Wham’s Last Christmas (which appeared 256 times) and Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me (appearing 238 times) also appear in the list, claiming the next two top spots.

And the music doesn’t have to start when the party does. Treat yourself to some Deck the Halls (coming in 36th) while decorating. This will surely get you and the girls in the Christmas spirit ahead of the day.

The perfect hosts must know when to end the evening too. Whether you’re sitting down for a meal or up and dancing, five hours gives you enough to impress without overrunning the night. Making sure your Christmas list is the right length to end as everyone is going home can help you finish the evening right on time.

Approximately 88 songs are enough to fill your evening with the best Christmas tunes and more for just over five hours. You can see the playlist here.

Obviously, you will want to add some personal favourites to your list too. Whether you’re enjoying the evening with some family favourites or making a stage from your living room with your best friend’s favourite karaoke number, adding a personalised touch can bring the true Christmas feel.

Dress for the occasion

Of course, no Christmas party is complete without an outfit to match – such as red mini dresses with small Santa-hat hair clips to add a chic Mrs Clause feel to the occasion. Don’t forget to add killer black heels to finish the look, with slippers on the side to swap into later.

Why not make your party fit for the red carpet? Ask your guests to arrive in their best “Hollywood Christmas looks” to see who can bring the festive spirit without adding costumes to the list.

If you’re not a fan of the ugly sweater competitions, why not add traditional designs to your makeup? Whether you’re going classy with a frosted look with white mascara and a cranberry colour or going all out with coloured bauble eyeshadow, there are plenty of designs you can try to add that festive spirit and shock your guests.

Greet your guests with a festive cocktail

Greeting your guests in the right way is important for any host, and this Christmas, you can be a bit creative. As guests are likely to be carrying gifts with them, having a Santa sack by the door can help your guests drop off their presents as they enter – rather than finding a spot under the tree.

This will also give your guests the space to take off their coats and grab a winter-themed cocktail. Offering a drink at the door can make them feel welcome and add a bit of class to your evening. Whether a warming hot toddy or an Eggnog, you can start the festive spirit right on your doorstep.

Set the Christmas-themed table

What is a Christmas party without the food? Whether organising a family feast complete with all the trimmings or simply setting up a buffet, offering your guests a good spread of food is essential during the festive season.

Focus on the colours you’re using, not only in your cooking but on the table. Try filling the tables with greens and reds to add to the festive feel. You can use faux holly leaves as a runner for your table – meaning you have some texture filling up the table without spiking your guests every time they reach for their drinks.

Icing sugar can be a great addition to sweet foods that need a bit of a snowy touch. Yule logs, mince pies, and gingerbread houses are great additions to any sweet Christmas buffet section. Make sure you have festive napkins too, so you can wrap up leftovers for guests.

Wanting to make your debut as the best host? Christmas is the perfect time to bring the girls together and celebrate. Take time to look back at the year and wow them with your dedication to details. From Igloo eyeliner to a party playlist everyone will be vibing with, you’ve got this!

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik