Get a virtual number from the United Kingdom for employees

Need a virtual phone number for your business? Find out how to get one from the UK for your employees.

Virtual phone numbers are very useful for realtors, couriers, and all traveling employees. In the modern world, a person can completely abandon corporate SIM cards and get more than a dozen useful features along with a number. A virtual solution is a full-fledged phone number that works via the Internet. It’s useful to make calls, receive calls, receive, and send SMS.

How can such solutions help companies with a large quantity of traveling employees? Employees definitely need a telephone connection, since every day they make dozens of calls. Previously, organizations needed to buy corporate SIM cards to provide their specialists with communications.

This is a common solution but it has several problems: SIM cards are plastic and they can be lost or damaged. Moreover, one SIM card is one number and it’s not suitable when there’s a need for a lot of numbers. For example, a real estate agent has many different objects in the city.

One number is tied to advertisements for the sale of apartments, the other to commercial real estate, and the third to private houses. He/she won’t have the desire to carry two or three phones.

Yes, there are MultiSIM cards that allow you to use up to 10 numbers but this is a complex and rare solution with its own specific drawbacks. Okay, but is there an alternative to the usual SIM cards? Yes, these are virtual numbers.

How does a virtual number work?

A virtual number is in no way inferior to a regular one. The most important difference is the lack of binding to a plastic SIM card. In addition, the virtual number works via the Internet. What to do if the Internet goes down?

This is not a problem because you can organize forwarding to a regular phone number in a couple of clicks. It’s really comfortable even to get a UK virtual number in order to start a business in the UK or create a presence in this market.

Four reasons to switch to virtual numbers

Here are four reasons to switch to virtual numbers.

1) Easy and fast

You don’t have to leave your home or office to get as many virtual numbers as you need. The purchase is performed online and takes no more than 5 minutes because the Freezvon website offers detailed instructions and it’s really easy and quick to do all the operations.

2) Impressive choice

Our customers can choose from a great variety of numbers with a code of London +44-20, Oxford +44-1865, Liverpool +44-151, Cardiff +44-29, etc.

3) A great number

We have thousands of beautiful corporate numbers for your company in our assortment. You can get acquainted with them and choose a mobile, city, and even toll-free solution.

4) Recording and storage of conversations

Recordings of important negotiations will always be at hand. In addition, you will have access to advanced call statistics. Beginners often make mistakes. This is fine. Their work efficiency must be monitored especially carefully so that oversights do not become a habit. Listening to conversations will help to understand what exactly is interfering with managers.

Call quality control allows you to quickly find the shortcomings of each specialist in order to raise the results of the entire team. If managers know that the company has a call quality control department and their conversations are being listened to, they relax less in the workplace. This feature is the most reliable and useful tool for establishing justice in a conflict with a client.

The virtual phone can be made the main company number. This is a profitable and useful solution for car dealerships, clothing sellers, and other organizations that actively work with marketplaces and place dozens and hundreds of ads on specialized sites.

How to get a virtual number

Register in your personal account and pass verification so that we can provide you with communication services. You can choose a virtual number on our website from any country and the connection will take 24 hours (or even quicker). Get in touch with our specialists to get more info and find out data about Freezvon Company.