General tips for playing Valorant that will be useful for beginners

Valorant is a project that appeared in the gaming industry under the influence of CS GO and its role in the e-sports segment.

The developers from Riot Games went beyond the usual project and created their own version with new ideas in the form of agents and special skills that are closely related to the elements of shooting.

The project took some of the ideas from CS GO, but at the same time, Valve adopted some gameplay variations back into their shooter, so Valorant can be called not a copy, but another project that promotes competitive and e-sports shooters in the gaming segment.

Ranking system

In Valorant, matches will be played with an individual rating, which means that depending on your role in the entire gameplay of the match, you will receive a rating that will determine your gaming level and the opponents you will encounter.

If you play well and win often, you will be promoted and offered more difficult opponents, because according to the game system you are an excellent shooter.

If you play poorly against enemies of the current level and often lose, the system will understand that this is not your level and will lower your rank for a more comfortable game and increase the level of your skills.

Don’t worry – all ranks can be returned by improving your gaming skills and shooting technique, as well as expanding the pool of agents, or order valorant rank boosting from a professional service to train and play against the best Valorant players.


Valorant is known for its agent system, where the choice of heroes determines the set of skills that you can use during rounds and matches, and among the heroes there are both full-fledged attacking classes and supports, and depending on your choice and ability to play on them, both success and Valorant boosting.

It is important to be able to use skills and at the same time shoot well, because no matter how you aim at enemies, if you don’t hit them, it will be of no use.

Some agents will be available immediately, while others will have to be obtained additionally.

Let’s look at the most famous heroes that you should be able to play or learn to play if your team lacks exactly these roles.


Sage is a support hero who can heal allies and even resurrect one of them in a critical situation.

She can install a special wall that will block the passage for enemies and must be bypassed, or broken, which will reveal the location of the opponents.


This is a reconnaissance hero who can always use his bow and special arrows to determine the location of opponents, or launch a drone to control angles and make sure the presence or absence of an enemy. The drone can be destroyed, but this will all the more reveal the positions of your enemies.

You can use the bow for a power shot at your enemy, but remember that drawing the bow takes time and highlights your launch.


He is an attacking character and combat commander who has several different means of fighting each round.

You will be able to use smoke grenades by selecting three points on the interactive map where they will fall – these are three spheres that will expand and limit the view of all participants in the match.

You will be able to use a special weapon to fire an incendiary cartridge and set the ground on fire, damaging all enemies that come into contact with it.

You will be able to place a special mark and you and all allies will receive bonuses to damage and rate of fire until it ends or you go beyond its effect.

You will be able to select a point on the map, which will be hit with a powerful air strike a second later.


This is an active hero and a fast killer who relies on raids on single enemies and conducting reconnaissance to understand the enemy’s plans in attack, or the disposition of forces in defense.

You will use active jumps to jump onto fortifications and obstacles that no other agent can jump on.

You will be able to use a quick dash to cover a greater distance.

You will be able to throw smoke in order to limit the enemy’s visibility, including about your movements. Jetta’s skill bonus for your Valorant boost is the high range of the skill throw.

You will be able to activate knife attacks, in which you can quickly throw six knives at enemies, where each attack is a new knife and, if desired, you can throw them very quickly and efficiently.



Attack can be played quickly and aggressively, or slowly.

The aggressive type of attack consists of choosing an attack point at the procurement stage and quickly running to one of the points without reconnaissance in order to scatter smoke and fire, knock out defenders, put a spike and take up defense.

This tactic will work if grenades are thrown correctly at potential defensist positions and will not work every time. Opponents will rearrange and change positions to find ways to stop fast attacks. If two or more attackers die during the approach to the point, then the chances of victory will be minimal.

A slow attack consists of gradually occupying the map, tracking the position of the defenders, stealth so that the enemies do not understand your plan and a spontaneous attack, it is advisable to catch the defenders and build on this in your attack.


Play aggressively, or play tight defense.

If you choose active defense, then players try to attack themselves in order to understand the direction of enemy attacks, or destroy enemies and retreat back to defense.

This tactic will also not always work, but it can have a positive effect.

Covert defense means choosing the right positions and occupying the center of the map and carefully monitoring the main attack and the command to pull the rest of the team. The task of the defencists is to survive as long as possible and wait for the main forces to arrive.