From desk to dancefloor: office and party outfits for winter 2019

The festive season sees a peak in our social lives, with many of us juggling work and personal events every week. Managing your own diary can be enough of a task, let alone keeping up with partners, kids and the rest of the family. 

The frosty weather plus busy calendar can make for difficult wardrobe decisions. It’s a tricky time of year, with the heated offices versus cold outdoors, combined with the need for outfits that are both office and (client) event appropriate.

For some quick tips, here is our key advice on both office and work event wardrobes for this winter. 

Office staples: layer it up (or not?)

Whatever your work environment (from one’s own living room to the most formal of corporate workplaces) it’s important to be comfortable. 

The winter months come with their own challenge – cold, icy conditions outside give way to warm, temperature-stabilised offices, which can have us rushing to get rid of heavy overcoats and scarves. 

If you get cold easily: Common advice is to layer up, to trap heat effectively. It’s a great approach if you are sensitive to the cold: include a base layer like a camisole or body, a scarf/pashmina that you can wrap around yourself at your desk, and a thick knit cardigan which can stay inside your coat once you get indoors. 

If you warm up quickly: If you’d rather not carry several layers of clothing or you overheat quickly, invest in a good insulating coat like a wool-based trench or quality puffa. 

Just one or two layers underneath should be fine, and one coat is quicker to remove than several layers once you’re too warm.

If your dress code permits then it’s always worth having a thick-knit jumper or sleek turtleneck that lives at work. It’s your back-up for both indoors and out, just in case the weather (or office heating system) turns on you. 

From desk to dancefloor: work party outfits

Amid the many commitments that come with the festive season, a day-to-night outfit is the perfect time-saver – easing the transition from desk to dancefloor, client event or festive networking. Dark tones like black, navy and deep plum are easy choices, suiting almost all shapes and styles. 

A modest version of the classic “little black dress” or its on-trend sister piece, the black jumpsuit, can both work in the office when worn with flat or low-heeled shoes – meaning a change of shoes, added jewellery and a bold lip colour is all you need to be party-ready. 

Elegantly tailored midi dresses and pleated skirts are also great options – look out for shirt-style tops, and bold colours or shimmery material to make a statement. As with any day-to-night outfit these will look great with boots during office hours; elevate with smarter shoes for evening events. 

Invest in two or three staples – a good coat, a warm jumper and a work party-perfect dress or jumpsuit – that suit your needs and you’ll guarantee yourself comfort, warmth and style all winter long. 

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