Free webinar: How to save up for the retirement you want

How prepared are you for retirement? According to Sunlife’s Life Well Spent Report (2023), 33% of women over the age of 50 are relying solely on the State Pension to fund their retirement.

And, according to Retirement Living Standards, that’s not enough.

But what IS enough? How much do you need for retirement, and what’s the best way to save up for it?

That’s exactly what we will explore in a free webinar in partnership with PensionBee, featuring two financial experts:

  • Becky O’Connor, Director (VP) Public Affairs for PensionBee and the Telegraph’s ‘Pensions Doctor’.
  • Emma Maslin, Founder of multi award-winning personal finance education website The Money Whisperer and popular media financial expert.

The webinar takes place at 12:30 pm on Tuesday 19 March, and you can book your free place here. In it, we’ll take you through a process in which you will:

  • Think about what kind of retirement you want 
  • Work out how much this might cost to fund 
  • Find out how much you could currently get
  • Identify the financial gap you may need to fill 
  • Start planning a strategy to help fill that gap

Our aim throughout this discussion is to demystify pensions and to leave you feeling empowered and ready to take positive action.

We’ll even share an example of how you can start saving towards a pension if you are in your 50s. You’ll also get a pension worksheet to help you devise an action plan, plus the chance to ask questions.

This is a must-watch session for anyone who doesn’t yet have a pension plan, and wants to understand what they can do now.

Can’t join us live? Book your place anyway and we will send you a recording afterwards so you can watch it in your own time.

PensionBee can help you combine your old pension pots into one online plan that lets you keep track of your balance, make flexible contributions, invest in line with your values and make withdrawals from the age of 55. For more information, visit Capital at risk.