Four ways you can earn money online

Need to earn extra cash to help pay for rising bills? Or looking for alternatives to more traditional jobs? Here are four ways you can earn money online.

Earning money via the internet is by no means a new idea. In fact, it has been around pretty much since the internet became widely available all throughout the world.

In the past, the two you could typically earn money was selling your services, or selling something you made or owned, such as silver. However, with advancements in technology, there are an increasingly wide (and sometimes surprising) number of different ways you can earn cash online – legally! Let’s look at four of them.

1) Using sign-up bonuses

Many businesses today are selling online solutions, especially since the pandemic. And while technology may make it easier, it also therefore increases the amount go competition. This can be an opportunity for you, however.

The easiest way for businesses to lure customers is by providing sign-up bonuses. This is not an old practice, but it has become more widespread in recent years. And it means exactly what it says – just for signing up, you are eligible for a bonus.

For example, cryptocurrency services, such as crypto exchanges, usually give a fixed sum of a certain cryptocurrency upon registration. In most cases, these bonuses come right away; however, in some cases, you would need to make a small deposit or a purchase in order to receive it.

Using sign-up bonuses on stock trading websites can be a good idea as you will receive some free money that you could use in trading. Invest your free money wisely and you can earn an income virtually from nothing. And if your trades do fail initially, you won’t have lost anything (providing you only spend the money you are paid as a sign-up bonus)!

2) Watching ads

It is no secret that we are bombarded by advertisements today. Most of the time, they appear while we are watching TV or a streaming channel. It is believed that, on average, a person sees up to 5000 ads per day.

If you enjoy watching ads, you might be surprised to learn that you can earn doing just that. With numerous services available, such as AdWallet, you can earn free money online just for watching ads. On that particular website, you can earn $0.50 on average for watching a 30-second commercial.

The number of ads you will receive there is not large, but considering the earnings that you receive just for spending 30 seconds, it might be worth it to you. As well as AdWallet, there are other services that pay you to watch ads, such as InboxDollars who also offer other small tasks for which you will get ‘free’ money.

As these websites are completely free to use, it means that all the earnings you receive are given without any investment and, thus, could be a great way to make some free money online from the comfort of your own home.

3) Passive income apps

Passive income usually means making an investment that will grow by itself as time goes by. This could be investments in stocks, assets, putting your money in a bank for interest rates, and so on.

However, more recently, completely passive income apps have started to appear. These promise you absolutely free money, without making any investments whatsoever. For these apps, all you need is an active internet connection and a device that can be connected to the internet.

Most passive income apps rely on sharing your internet bandwidth with their network and giving you money in return. Take Honeygain, as an example. On this application, you receive three credits for each 10 MB of bandwidth shared with their network. In this system, 1,000 credits are equal to $1.

In order to start earning, all you have to do is create an account there and download the Honeygain application. It then works silently in the background of your device and generates income without any activity from you. You can download it on nearly every operating system, which means that you will probably already have a device that would be compatible.

What makes passive income apps different from other examples in this list is the fact that it is indeed completely passive. You do not need to do any activities whatsoever in order to earn.

4) Listening to music

If you enjoy listening to music and enjoy a soundtrack to accompany you as you go about your day, being paid to listen to music probably sounds like a dream come true. And indeed, there are quite a few websites and services where you can earn just by listening to some tunes.

Current (known as Mode on Android) is probably the leading app in this category. It offers numerous playlists and radios that you can choose from and listen to different genres of music. As the choice is so varied, there is a good chance that you will find music that you like there. And, best of all, you get paid for listening to these tracks.

The downside is that the money you can earn there is not nearly enough to make you a millionaire. But, as noted, if you already have music blasting into your ears for much of the day, it might seem like a no-brainer to monetize it.

How can you earn money online?

We hope you enjoyed hearing about these four ways that you can earn money online. They are not the only ideas out there – we are sure with a bit more digging you may find other surprising (and legal!) suggestions for earning money while you are on your devices.