Four ways to measure her ring size without her knowing

So you have decided you are ready to pop the question to your partner, and you want to surprise her with a ring.

Few scenarios are more romantic than have your partner get down on one knee and ask you to marry them as a surprise. But planning this kind of surprise takes time, effort, sometimes money and possibly a little subterfuge. 

First of all you need to consider the location for your proposal. With any luck she’ll say yes, and this moment will be a precious, lifelong memory for you both. So it deserves to be somewhere special. 

Some people decide to propose while on holiday, maybe in a romantic setting such as a beach at sunset or at the top of a famous building. Others book a favourite restaurant. 

Your setting will also be partly decided by the timing of your proposal. Do you want to propose out of the blue at home, or while you are away? And do you want to ask the question on a special day, such as her birthday or Christmas Eve, or at a set time? 

Then there is the way you propose. Do you want a simple, old-fashioned proposal where you get down on one knee and open a ring box? Or do you want something quirky, maybe something with drama? For example, by having the ring served in a dessert or drink?

And finally, you’ll need a ring. While some couples decide to choose an engagement ring together, others like to propose with a ring already carefully selected – a scenario that brings its own problems. Firstly, you need to choose a ring you know she’ll love to wear forever. And secondly, it needs to fit. 

How to find your partner’s ring size without her knowing

If you want to propose to your partner with a ring, you need to know how to measure ring size. However most people, if asked, would struggle to tell you their partner’s clothing size. And pretty much no one would have a clue about the size ring they wore. In fact, even their partner probably doesn’t know her own ring size.

So if you want to propose to her with a ring, what do you do? Of course a ring can be re-sized later if needed, but ideally your new fiancee can wear her beautiful new ring from the moment the accepts your proposal. 

This is where the subterfuge comes into play… finding out her ring size without her knowing!

Discovering someone’s ring size in secret isn’t always an easy task. It’s not like they’re leaving a jacket lying on the couch, for example, and you can just take a quick look at the label. Most people don’t leave rings lying around, and even if they did, it’s unlikely to have a handy label on it telling you the size.

That said, it is not impossible to discover your partner’s ring size with some ingenious sleuthing. And the’s exactly what we’re going to help you with now with four suggestions to help you work out your partner’s ring size. 

1) Measure one of her rings

The simplest way to find out your partner’s ring size without her knowing is to measure a ring that you know fits the correct finger. For this you’ll need two things: a ring sizer tool or ruler, and a ring. 

Once you have your ring sizer tool or ruler you just need to wait for the right opportunity. This may be if your partner removes her ring to wash up, shower, sleep or play sports. When she’s safely not around you can quickly measure the ring without her realising. 

Or if she keeps her rings in a jewellery box you can measure one of those (being sure it’s one that fits the right finger). This might be less nerve-wracking than trying to sneak a look at her ring when she’s in the next room!

2) Trace the outline of a ring on a piece of paper

If you don’t have a ring tool or ruler to hand, the next best solution is to draw round a ring you know fits her. Again this may be when she’s taken it off, or using one found in her jewellery case. 

Take a piece of paper and lay the ring on it, then trace the circumference of the ring – both inside and outside. If you take this sketch to a jeweller they should be Abel to use it to work out her ring size. 

3) Take a ring to the jeweller’s

If you can safely access a ring for a few hours without her realising (maybe by taking one from her jewellery box) but don’t feel confident you can accurately measure it, then you can take it to a jeweller and ask them to size it for you. 

There are just a couple of things to note here. Firstly, the fingers on our dominant hand can be slightly larger. So if she doesn’t wear this ring on her engagement finger, you might need to size up or down slightly, depending on whether she is left or right handed. 

And secondly, remember to return the ring afterwards! You’ll quickly blow the surprise if you forget to replace the ring and she notices it is missing. You’ll have to own up to borrowing it for sizing, which is bound to give the game away. 

4) Measure their finger with a piece of string

This is quite possibly the riskiest of these suggestions. If none of the above ideas work, then as a last resort you can try measuring your partner’s ring finger with a piece of string while she’s asleep, then take the string to a jeweller to find out the size. 

But if you’re going to try this approach you need to be very gentle, and very sure that she is heavily asleep at the time – otherwise you’ll have some explaining to do!