Four ways stay-at-home mums can earn money

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or looking to earn money on the side, there are many options to choose from today online.

The age of the internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for people who want to work from home. Even if you are a stay-at-home mum by choice, you may need to earn money, or want to do something meaningful. to contribute financially.

If so, here are four ways you can earn money from the comfort of your home while taking care of your children.

1) Start an online business

If there is something you love to do, you can (in many cases) turn it into a business – whether it is your love of cooking, painting, photography, making ceramics, or any other hobby.

You can sell the products that you make and earn money this way, or you can teach people your expertise. Social media plays an integral part in the online business sector. You can use this tool to reach customers, take orders, and market your product.

An online business allows you to work on your terms, follow your schedule, and be flexible with how you wish to use your time.

2) Work as a freelancer

Many niche markets allow you to work as a freelancer from home. Jobs such as content writing, graphic designing, data entry, programming, photography, and other professions, are often outsourced to freelancers – many of them mothers working from home.  

If you have skills people will pay for, you can easily set yourself up as a freelancer using one of the many online platforms that connect clients with freelancers.

Another big benefit of freelancing is that you can keep your skills updated, and build a current portfolio of work in case you ever decide to return to work full time.

3) Start a blog

If you love to write and have opinions, experiences or knowledge you want to share, you can start a blog.

For a blog to be successful, you must focus on a niche – you can’t write about everything for everyone. So, to begin, write about things that interest you.

If you are fond of cooking, you can share the recipe on your blog. Likewise, if you enjoy traveling, you can write about your travel experiences. Whatever it is that you love doing, write about it.

You don’t have to be exceptionally good at writing to start a blog. Just get started and you’ll often find that with practice your skills and confidence improve – and with them your audience.

It may take a while for you to earn money through a blog. However, over time as your blog builds, you can start making money by joining affiliate networks, publishing sponsored posts, writing paid reviews, advertising using Google AdSense, and other methods.

4) Tutoring

If you were a good student in college, tutoring children in your neighborhood is a good option for making money. Choose a subject that you are good at, and you can extend knowledge to others.

In COVID-19 times, you can also use apps such as Zoom and Skype to communicate with students to tutor them. Online tutoring has boomed and there are many sites looking for tutors for different subjects.

How will you earn money from home?

The list above is just a start, and there to inspire you. There are MANY ways that you can earn money from home around your family, if that is something you need or want to do.