Four ways modern tech can help to relieve stress

Need to unwind at home? Here are four ways modern tech can help to relieve stress.

Our lives are increasingly becoming reliant on technology. Students are now using tablets and laptops to do online lessons in the classroom. Most modern cars are equipped with built-in GPS. And our smartphones help us communicate, manage our calendars, play games on the go and more.

While the jury is still out on how healthy it is to be overly attached to our smartphones, some technology has obvious benefits for our health. Here are four ways that modern home tech can help you relieve stress and relax more.

1) Music is just a few words away

Science has proven that music has an incredible ability to reduce stress and help us relax. But when you’re busy prepping dinner, taking care of your kids, doing laundry or working from home, turning on some tunes is probably the last thing on your mind.

Luckily, this is one simple way that a smart home device can help. With just a few words spoken from anywhere in your home that’s close enough to your Google Home, Amazon Alexa or similar device, you can turn on your favorite songs or soothing sounds.

2) The benefits of a gym in your living room

If you can’t find the time in your busy, hectic schedule to pop a CD into a player, you probably find it even harder to hit the gym. But modern tech now makes it possible to get all of the benefits of a gym right in your living room.

From advanced stationary bikes like the Peloton to the MIRROR home gym that lets you work out with a virtual trainer, these systems help guide you through the workout of your choice. They also offer features to help motivate you to work out more often, like the ability to play music or watch a show or virtual scene, or the chance to compete with yourself or others to reach your fitness goals.

Regular exercise can have a huge effect on your body and your moods. It gets your blood pumping, increases your metabolism, and releases chemicals in your brain that instantly make you feel more relaxed and happier.

3) Smart home devices can make life easier

While some modern tech, like a smart device that can play music at any time or a gym that you can use in your living room directly reduce your stress, other technology does so in a less direct way. Many smart home devices are designed to save time and help you tackle everyday tasks.

You can turn on your oven, add events to your calendar and perform other tasks that will save you some time and help you better manage your schedule. In turn, this means more time to relax and less time spent worrying about missed appointments, which will certainly help reduce your stress.

4) Get peace of mind with better home security

If you’re someone who worries whether you closed the garage door after you left the house, modern tech can be the best way to help you reduce stress.

For example, a home security camera system can help you keep an eye on your home right from your smartphone. You can check to see who is at your front door, see your backyard and any trees during a storm, monitor who is in your driveway or check in on your kids in your living room from anywhere, at any time.

Using modern home tech to relieve stress

From allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere to smart home devices that can tackle everyday tasks, gym equipment that brings a great workout to your living room, and the ability to play music and instantly relax anywhere in your home, modern tech can help you reduce stress and start living a happier life today.

Photo by Siddharth Bhogra