Four ways homeowners can save money in the summer months

Running a home can be expensive – especially in the winter months when you need to keep it warm.

But what about the summer? If you live in a particularly warm climate, you may rely just as heavily on fans, air conditioning or breezy curtains to keep your home bearably cool.

If you’re struggling to keep your head above the financial water (and maybe even looking at financial options, such as whether you should get same day loans with Uncle Buck or other lenders), we’ve got four quick tips that won’t solve all your money worries, but can help take some of the pressure off and save you money in the summer months.

1) Dry your washing outside 

During the winter months, you often have to rely on the tumble drier to dry clothes. And it’s easy to get into the convenient habit of just chucking your wet clothes in after a wash.

However, in the summer you can save money by drying your washing outside on the line. Yes, it may take a bit more time and effort hanging them out, but you’ll save money on your electricity bill as you reduce the cost of running the dryer.

2) Open your windows in the cooler hours 

When the weather cools in the evening, open your windows and doors and let in a cool breeze. (You may need to get a fly screen for your the back door to allows the cool air in while keeping the bugs out.)

This will also help to save you money as you can then reduce the need for fans and air conditioning. While this won’t completely chill your home, it can help to make the temperature bearable enough to sleep. 

3) Keep your curtains closed

During the day, keep your curtains closed to keep the sun (and heat) out – especially on the sides of your home that face the sun. This will stop the sun’s rays heating up furniture and soft furnishings that retain the heat even after the sun has moved round.

Again, this will reduce the need for fans and air conditioning – and help to keep your utility bills down.

4) Turn your water temperature down

If you’re using electricity or gas to heat the water in your home, you can save money by turning the water temperature down in the summer months. On hot days you don’t need a scalding hot shower or bath anyway, so it saves you unnecessarily heating water to a temperature you don’t need, or won’t use.

These tips may be quick and simple, and might not necessarily solve all your money problems right now, but over the summer months, they’ll save you money every single week, and take some of the burden off you.

Photo by Catt Liu