Four tips for picking the right blouse for different occasions

Blouses are surprisingly versatile, but can get pigeonholed as being overly formal or innately businesslike.

Here are some useful pieces of advice if you want to make sure that you have a brilliant blouse option to pull out for events, gatherings and social settings.

Work shirts can make you the ultimate chameleon

Wearing the right womens designer blouses in the office can make a great impression. It’s also incredibly versatile, if you pick the right style and colour.

If you’re planning to go straight from work to an evening event, then a light-coloured blouse is a good choice. Pair it with darker coloured trousers or slim-fit jeans and you can make the leap from day-to-night without needing to change.

If you want, you can dress your outfit up or down by changing accessories such as jewellery, scarf, handbag or shoes.

Looser fits offer on-the-go comfort

While form-fitting blouses can look smarter than some less figure-hugging blouses, they can be quite restrictive if you’re on the move and expect to spend more time travelling than staying in one place.

Blouses which are designed to be looser give you more room to manoeuvre. If you fancy a scholarly look, choose one that is collarless. Just remember to add extra layers underneath or on top if the weather is cold, as looser garments tend to let more air circulate and can leave you feeling the chill.

Printed blouses are for party time

While some blouses are sober, professional and subtle, others help you to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Printed blouses in particular can express your unique personality and taste.

Just make sure, when choosing a printed blouse, that the designs and hues compliment your colouring, and match the rest of your outfit. If you wear a very busy blouse, opt for plainer trousers or skirts to avoid a sensory overload.

Silk is a must-have for special occasions

While you can get away with blouses made of more affordable materials for everyday use, if you’re attending an event where things are a little more formal, then you might want to select a silk blouse.

Special occasions tend to call for a less showy approach to styling, so plain monochrome tones or simple one-colour designs are a more appropriate choice than anything too eye-catching.

This also allows you to offset your blouse with jewellery and accessories that shine and sparkle, allowing precious pieces to get the attention they deserve without blending into the background.

If you are looking to get onboard with the sustainable fashion movement, look for vintage blouses rather than buying new and help to lower the industry’s large carbon footprint.

Photo by Kermen Tutkunova