Four tips for wig care and maintenance

Wigs are far from new, but every year, the quality and range of styles improve, making them increasingly popular. Celebrities even have their own wig ranges today!

But while for some people wigs may be a simple way to change their look, just like your natural hair, wigs require care to keep looking good. So if you want to extend the lifespan of your wig and ensure it looks good every time you wear it, read on for our four steps to wig care and maintenance.

Wig care and maintenance  

Many wig wearers to worry about whether people can easily tell that they are wearing one, especially when they’re out in public. A low-quality wig is very easily recognizable, and it’s more likely that people will know you’re wearing a wig in one.

But the quality of your wig is not only based on the brand or the type of wig you’re using – most of the time, the quality of your wig depends on the condition you keep it in. This is why it is so important to understand how to care for your wig, and to take the time to properly store and maintain it. (Think about the care an affection that Moira Rose lavishes on her wigs in Schitt’s Creek!)

Four tips to help you maintain your wigs

If you’re new to using wigs and are wondering what’s the best way to properly care for them, here are four tips to help keep your wigs looking fuller, fresher, and more natural for as long as you can. 

1) Choose the right wig

Before knowing how to care for your wigs, you need to know how to choose a wig that will suit your taste and lifestyle. There are two main types of wigs for you to choose from – a synthetic wig and a human hair wig. Both types may need different methods of maintenance.   

You can easily restyle your wigs using hair products and heating tools, especially with Cynosure human hair wigs. As it’s a wig made from real hair, it can handle hair products and heating tools perfectly fine, just like natural hair. Human hair wigs will suit you if you are into hairstyling and have plenty of time on you hands.  

However, if you’re looking for wigs that only require a minimal styling effort, you might be better choosing a synthetic wig. Most synthetics wigs already come in fixed colors and styles, which means you don’t have to style them as much as real hair. However, synthetic wigs aren’t designed for heating tools and hair products, and won’t last long if you use them. 

Ultimately, your choice of wig significantly depends on your style, and most importantly, your lifestyle and routine.   

2) Avoid washing your wig too often

You probably already know about the rule that you must not wash your natural hair daily to avoid it from drying out easily, turning brittle, stripping off its natural oils, and therefore, losing its natural shine. The same rule applies to your wig, regardless of whether you own human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. 

Washing your wigs daily will only harm their quality and cause them to lose their authentic shine. When you’re rotating your wigs, you can wait for at least five to six days in between washes. If you use one wig every day and apply styling products frequently, you can only wash it once a week. As a general rule, wigs don’t need to be washed as often as your real hair. 

3) Use special hair products made for wigs

When buying products for your wig, it’s important to know that there are shampoos and conditioners specially made for them. Regular conditioners and shampoos contain lots of strong chemicals that may adversely affect your wig’s quality and ruin its texture, especially if you’re washing a synthetic wig. 

Washing your wigs may also require a slightly different method compared to cleaning your own hair. Take note of these steps for washing your wigs: 

  • Before wetting your wigs right away, you need to prepare them first by untangling them with your fingers or a wig comb. 
  • Prepare your sink or a large bowl and fill it with warm water mixed with moderate amounts of shampoo. 
  • Soak your wig in the prepared mixture and leave it for a short while. Then, take it out of the water and gently use your wig comb to remove the shampoo from the wig. 
  • Repeat the step when applying the conditioner. 
  • Then, rinse it with warm water until the shampoo and conditioner residues are completely gone. Avoid using cold water as it cannot sufficiently remove the hair products. 
  • Use a clean, dry hair towel for drying your wig. Never use a hairdryer, as it will only ruin your wig’s quality. 
  • Place your wig on a wig stand, comb it, and leave it to air-dry. 

When it’s all dried up, you can then proceed to comb it again and style your wig in any style you prefer. 

4) Store your wig properly

When you’re not using your wig, make sure you properly store it on a wig stand, a mannequin’s head, or at least on a hook. Let your wig stay in an upright position to prevent it from tangling easily. Moreover, don’t forget to cover it to prevent dust from accumulating. You can also store your wigs in your cabinets to keep them away from direct sunlight. 

When storing your wigs, keep them in a cool room as heat can diminish their quality. It’s also ideal if you place a humidifier in your room to keep your room cool, especially if you’re residing in an area with a hotter climate.  

Take great care of your wigs and they’ll last for years 

Remember, just like real hair, wigs can get tangled, dirty, and oily too. So, you must remember these tips to keep your wigs looking natural and shiny for many years to come. After all, practicing proper care and maintenance for your wigs will not only guarantee their lasting quality but will also allow you to add a chic and fashionable touch to your overall look.