Four tips for decorating your outdoor spaces during winter holidays

You can show off the outdoor spaces of your home and make use of them in many ways. This is particularly true around the holidays.

If the winter season is coming up, you might spend some time thinking about what to do to make those visible outdoor spaces as inviting and festive as possible.  

You may think about putting up some fun permanent Christmas lights, or there are many other ways you can make use of your most prominent outdoor spaces. Let’s talk about four additional ideas that many homeowners are trying this year.

1) Check out goodwill outlets

If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on outdoor decorations for your home this holiday season, you might spend some time at Goodwill outlets. These can be treasure troves of old or gently used decorations that people don’t want anymore.

You can often get wreaths, lights, and similar items at bargain basement prices. You can sometimes save even more money if you go on Sundays when most Goodwills have dollar days. If you’re lucky enough to spot some tags that are the right color, you can walk away with a whole cart of decorations suitable for outdoor displays of holiday cheer.

2) Use nature

You can also go for a walk in nature and find all kinds of items that you can feature proudly as part of your outdoor holiday display. Think about using greenery, berries, and branches. They are often brightly colored and perfectly set the mood you’re trying to create.

If you put on a warm coat and go for a walk in the woods, everything around you can potentially be featured in the outdoor spaces around your home. Plus, these additions to your displays will cost you nothing.

3) Get creative with what you have

Many individuals won’t have something like an outdoor fireplace to use as the centerpiece of a holiday display. That’s okay. You can always work with what you have.

Think of your outdoor display areas just the same as you would the indoor ones. You can hang garlands or wreaths on patio doors, garage doors, patio railings, etc. Any place that you can adorn can be a part of your canvas and contribute to the overall effect that’s conveyed when someone walks or drives by.

4) Use texture and color

Part of what makes many holiday displays “pop” is texture. How can you create that look and feel, though? By loading up on things that have a captivating texture and appearance.

Those might include pine cones, different pieces of pottery, fanciful lanterns, branches, heavy quilts you can hang on walls or over railings, faux furs, and more. If you can find items that are complementary colors, so much the better.

Look on social media platforms like Instagram or others that are image-oriented. You can get inspiration from many individuals who do not have a lot of money but are making their displays work with what they have. Creativity and a playful nature are key.