Four tips and tricks to improve your French braids

French braids are a great hairstyle that can make just about anyone look like a hairstyling genius. With a French braids tutorial, anyone can learn how to do it very effectively.

Even if you don’t know much about how to style hair, a French braid is fairly simple – it’s just a braid that you add extra hair into as you do the braid. If you want to make sure that your French braids are at the top of the pack, here are four things you can do to improve the way they look.

1) Do your French braids with unwashed hair

French braids work the best on unwashed hair because freshly-washed hair typically doesn’t allow the braid to hold in the same way. If you’ve just washed your hair, you may want to hold off on doing a French braid. These braids work the best on hair that’s in at least its second or third day after washing, and may not hold as well if you’ve just washed your hair recently.

2) Keep your hands close to the braid

The tension of the braid is one of the defining characteristics of a French braid. If you’re looking for a way to almost instantly increase the quality of the French braid that you’re doing, just make sure that you keep your hands fairly close to the braid. It might amaze you just how effective this is at improving your French braid.

3) Maintain consistent tension

This is one method of improving your French braid that to an extent relies largely on practice. You won’t be able to get a sense of the right amount of tension for your French braids until you do it a number of times, but it’s one of the things that will improve your French braiding the most. If you want to create a French braid that’s more professional-looking, managing your tension should be a crucial part of that process.

4) Coat your hair with styling gel afterward

Styling gel is, to an extent, the “secret tool” that makes so many professionals’ braids look extremely high-quality. To use styling gel, just take a little bit on your fingers and coat the part of the braid on the head after the braid is done. This will help you avoid flyaways and make the French braid look a little more put together. Plus, it’ll also help avoid the tension coming undone, which will keep your French braid looking amazing for longer.

It’s easy to improve your French brands with the right tips

Improving a French braid doesn’t have to be difficult at all. As soon as you learn how to do a French braid, you can start learning how to make that braid look phenomenal. It’s all about learning more about French braids and implementing a few simple tricks. Your best bet will always be to do as many of them as possible. Practice makes perfect, after all, and this is true of French braids just as much as it’s true of anything else.