Four thoughtful and useful corporate gift ideas to consider

Need to buy a corporate gift and want something thoughtful and useful? Here are four ideas to inspire you. 

Want to make a good impression on a new client, or remain front of mind and build goodwill with existing customers? Nothing says, “I value you” more than a carefully chosen gift. 

But therein lies the problem: how do you choose a business-related gift for someone you may not know that well? Or choose a gift that is apt for someone, but not too personal?

How often have you returned from a conference with branded items that you will never use, and are destined to gather dust on a shelf? That’s the last thing you want to gift anyone. 

The ideal corporate gift needs to tick two important boxes in order to win over your client, and ensure they will be genuinely delighted to receive it, and recall you fondly when using it. 

So what are these two boxes? The perfect corporate gift will be both thoughtful and useful. And if you are looking for inspiration, here are four ideas for you that meet this brief. 

1) A voucher for something you know they’ll enjoy

This kind of gift is best reserved for clients you know well enough to know what they enjoy doing in their free time, and are important enough to spend a potentially significant amount of money on. 

Giving a client a gift voucher for a meal at their favourite restaurant, a spa treatment, a ticket to a show, or a day at the races is bound to make them feel appreciated. The key here is to demonstrate that you know them well enough to pick the perfect activity, and care enough to go to the effort of securing a gift voucher. 

When you’re spending company money, the monetary value of the gift comes second to the time and thought you put into it. And this gift exudes time and thought. 

2) An indulgent luxury

Not keen on vouchers? If you prefer to give something physical they can unwrap and hold, why not buy them something special they may not spurge out on for themselves?

This can be everything from a nice bottle of wine or spirits, to luxury chocolates or even an indulgent hamper. 

While you want your gift to be thoughtful, it’s probably wise to steer clear of anything too personal or intimate such as their favourite perfume or beauty products. This might indicate you are paying a little too much attention to them!

3) Practical gifts for the office

And what about smaller corporate gifts? The kind of thing you might give out at events or to more junior clients? 

This is where the ‘useful’ box comes more into play. It’s not possible to be individually thoughtful when giving corporate gifts away in larger numbers, and nor would the recipient expect you to be. 

But what they will appreciate is a gift that genuinely adds value to their life, or working day. For example, sticky notes and office supplies are always going to go down well for someone in an admin-based role. 

Particular favourites in recent years have been planners with printables, such as calendars, goal planners and even password trackers. Choose good quality, well-designed products and you’ll gain extra brownie points.

4) A sustainable gift

One type of corporate gift that has been increasing in popularity in recent years is sustainable gifts. And today’s sustainable gifts are often beautifully designed and constructed, which means they are more likely to be appreciated and used. 

Some ideas for sustainable gifts that are likely to go down well include branded thermal bottles, reusable coffee cups, tote bags and eco-friendly straws. 

You can even take this idea one step further and give away wild seeds, or even donate money to charity on behalf of a client. Depending on your client’s specific interests, you could sponsor an animal or even a tree, or contribute towards a well for a village. 

These gifts double up on the thoughtful box as, if you choose well, they will be both thoughtful for your client to receive, and thoughtful for the world at large, too. 

And what NOT to give as a corporate gift

We hope these ideas have given you some food for thought when it comes to choosing corporate gifts for your business or work.

Whatever you buy, just make sure it ticks those two important boxes and is thoughtful and useful. No one will appreciate a gift that is inappropriate and un-needed, however much money was spent on it. 

A little thought and careful shopping will go a long way in winning you goodwill, and maybe even more business.