Four things you can do now to earn more money next year

We’re close to the end of 2023. And when you look back over the year from a business perspective, how do you feel?

Has it been a successful year for you? Have you felt in control? Enjoyed working for yourself? Earned enough?

And when you look ahead to 2024, how do you feel? Confident that you have a goal and know what you need to do? Or do you still feel you need a plan to help you get closer to the results and life you want?

If it’s the latter, we have something that will help: our Plan Your Year Masterclass

This online mini-course contains all the tools you need to plan your next year. It includes a video class, workbook and several online resources to plan your sales and earn more money. 

The contents are based on what I use in my own business, and what I have seen work when I mentor other freelancers and business owners. 

To help you decide whether it’s right for you, here are four things I recommend doing if you want to earn more next year, and how the Plan Your Year Masterclass will help you. 

1) Start with a plan

If you don’t have a clear plan for where your business will be in a year’s time, how will you know what to do for the next 12 months?

With no clear business goals, you risk wasting time and energy on things that won’t help you achieve (or earn) what you want or need. 

In our Plan Your Year Masterclass you get a 21-page editable PDF workbook that guides you as you review the year just gone, and think about what you want from the year ahead. We then help you set goals and, importantly, actions that will enable you to achieve them. 

2) Be consistent with your sales 

You can’t just randomly produce marketing and sales content. You need to have a consistent flow that nurtures potential customers and clients. So, over time, you build the know, like, trust factor and have regular sales coming in. 

Over the years I have noticed that when I plan a launch in advance, and follow my own recommendations for sales and marketing activity, the launch is successful. But when I break my own rules and am more sporadic with my sales, or my marketing doesn’t join up, I have less success. 

I know that consistency is the secret to successful sales. That is what our Plan Your Year Masterclass helps you to do by giving you a monthly sales calendar and showing you how to fill it in and use it. 

3) Track your money

If I had to pick the most transformative thing a freelancer or small business owner can do to make more money it would be to start tracking it. 

Back in 2016, Talented Ladies Club wasn’t making much money. Some months we made a profit, others a loss. But I couldn’t tell you how much we made or lost because I didn’t know. 

In the spring of that year, I started keeping a monthly profit and loss sheet that tracked every penny that went through the business. This made me conscious of what we were earning (or not!) and the confidence to make some hard decisions. 

It is no coincidence that we have been profitable every month since then. I know exactly how much we are making, and where that money comes from. 

When I mentor entrepreneurs, I ask them to start using the same sheet. And it has just as a transformative effect on their profitability. 

So this year I have added this sheet with explanatory video to the Plan Your Year Masterclass. So you too can start being aware of, and making more money. 

4) Set financial goals

Another thing I do in my own business is set myself financial goals. This motivates me to take action and be consistent with sales. It also enables me to plan weeks and months in advance, which helps me manage my workload. 

Over time, this has meant I have found a way to work part time four days a week while more than meeting my financial goals.

Now, when I start working with freelancers and small business owners on programmes like the Easy Business Club, I get them to set three financial goals using a pre-formulated spreadsheet I have created. 

Once they have put in a few figures, this spreadsheet ‘magically’ shows them how much they are earning per hour now, and how far short of their goals they are. It also calculates how much they can afford to pay themselves. 

This is such a powerful tool that I have also added it to the Plan Your Year Masterclass this year. I recommend you use this sheet to set a financial goal for yourself for a years time, work out how far away you are from it now, then use the sales tools in the masterclass to bridge the gap. 

Save £15 when you buy today

It’s no surprise that our Plan Your Year Masterclass is an annual best-seller, especially as you get lifetime access to it. This means you can come back and use it each year. Plus, as we add more tools to is (as we have done this year), you get access to those to. 

Plus, if you buy the Plan Your Year Masterclass today, you can save £15, bringing the price down to £60. Just use the code PLAN60. (Please note, this discount expires at midnight on 7 December.)

Planning my sales and business activities has been a game-changer for Talented Ladies Club and I can’t wait to see what it does for you too. 

Watch a video tour of the Plan Your Year Masterclass

Want to take a look inside to see what you get in the Plan Your Year Masterclass? Here’s a quick video tour:

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