Four things to consider when choosing the right optician

Visiting an optician can be instrumental to your eye health, as your optician can pick up on some of the key symptoms of refractive errors and eye conditions.

However, if you are new to seeing an optician or you are looking to change your optician, it can be difficult to know which optician to choose. 

Regularly eye examinations are important, but how much do you really know about the services an optician can offer? Some will go the extra mile for excellent eye care, using innovative products to deliver modern services.

With this in mind, it’s important to decide what matters to you when finding the right optician. Here are four things you should consider when choosing your optician.

1) Look at the products they offer

The optical industry has seen many new innovations over the years, including new lens solutions to make your life easier. If you have a refractive error such as short-sightedness or presbyopia, the right corrective lenses can make a huge difference. 

Today, there are many new lens solutions to suit your lifestyle as well as correcting your vision. This can have a big impact on your visual comfort. For example, Varilux lenses for presbyopia are a breakthrough product that offer the right solution for a common visual change that occurs when you reach 40.

You can choose different lens designs for different purposes, whether it’s for everyday wear, driving, using digital screens or playing sport.

2) Ask if they offer personalisation

Personalisation is a huge trend in many industries at the minute, and opticians are no different.

Wouldn’t it be great to have personalised lenses that are tailored to your exact needs? This is now achievable at many opticians, allowing you to wear lenses that have been made exactly to your unique measurements. 

The technology available now means you can find the right lenses not only for your visual needs, but also your posture, behaviour and lifestyle.

3) Ask if they carry out advanced examinations

As technology continues to advance, many opticians now have access to more advanced examinations, offering further precision and a better insight into your eye health.

Previously, eyes were measured to a quarter of a dioptre (0.25D), but now a more accurate method is available that can measure to 0.01D. This can provide a precise result in order to prescribe lenses even more suited to your vision. 

4) Ask if they provide virtual reality services

Virtual reality has been a huge trend across industries such as gaming. And now it is becoming more readily available in the healthcare industry too.

Some opticians may be able to offer virtual reality demonstrations, which allows you to try on your new lenses and see the difference through a VR experience.

This can be hugely beneficial if you’re hoping to learn more about the advantages of different lenses and the impact they can have on your vision.

Photo by nrd