Four things to consider before buying cannabis products

Thinking of buying cannabis products? Here are four things you need to think about first.

Many states are now legalizing the use of medical and recreational marijuana. As a result of this decision, there has been a rise in dispensaries selling legal marijuana.

If you want to be able to shop in both medicinal and adult-use dispensaries, you’ll need a medical marijuana card. Green Health Docs explains that getting this card is beneficial since you’ll have access to more products to choose from and more freedom to compare prices and find the best options for your condition.

Marijuana has many different health benefits that are being discovered, and as a result is attracting an increasing number of buyers. However, just like any product or service, it’s important to fully investigate what you are buying before purchasing marijuana.

Not all marijuana products are manufactured alike, and you need to be aware of the myriad of different strains and products available – as well as the many different ways you can consume them, such as the ranges you’ll find on Dr Dabber. To help you, here are four key considerations to take into account when buying cannabis for the first time.

1) Its CBD content

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an active cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Generally, cannabidiol has no intoxicating effects. When present in a product in a ratio of 1:1 of CBD and THC, CBD is likely to counteract some psychoactive effects of THC.

If you prefer less psychoactive experiences, choose products with a high ratio of CBD to THC. It may be confusing for people who are new to cannabis as they may not be able to tell out the best cbd products from the bad ones.

Generally, products with CBD concentration of 4% to 9% are considered to have a high content of CBD. Besides CBD content in a strain of marijuana, there are other factors to consider when selecting the right products for you. They include:

  • The flavor profile.
  • The terpene profile.
  • The amount of THC.

2) The THC level

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the chemical associated with the intoxicating and psychoactive effects of marijuana. Understanding the potential of THC is important in gauging the level of psychoactive sensation you are likely to experience.

THC potency in a product is expressed as a percentage. For example, a 15% THC product means that it has a THC content of 150 milligrams per gram of the total marijuana content.

It is crucial to note that 20% of THC content is considered to be very strong. The highest THC percentage is 33%. Most cannabis products fall between 15% and 20% THC.

One of the most popular ways to consume THC today is via a vape. If you are interested in trying this, these thc cart reviews should be very useful in helping you decide which one to pick.

3) The method of consumption

Different routes of administration trigger the production of different molecules in your bloodstream. So how you choose to consume cannabis may affect your experiences.

Ingestion (drinking or eating) and inhalation (vaping or smoking) produce different effects because of how the drug enters your bloodstream. If you are vaping you should be careful with the temperature of the device. Zamnesia has a helpful guide on how to safely handle a device when vaping THC. 

Inhalation produces effects almost immediately. This is why vaping and smoking CBD has become one of the most popular methods of consumption. Companies like Organic CBD Nugs sell a range of inhalation products like vapes to satisfy those who want instant effects from the substance. You should wait at least five minutes before inhaling again to help control your experience. As you inhale marijuana, be aware of the effects it has on your lungs.

It will take longer to experience the effects of ingested marijuana. At a minimum, you can wait for about 30 to 60 minutes to metabolize cannabis, and feel the effects. Edible marijuana comes in many forms, including soda, gummies, and buttered popcorn.

4) Your personal factors

Your experience with marijuana will be dependent on many personal factors. Everyone’s endocannabinoid and physiology system is different, which individualizes the effects of cannabis.

So you should consider factors such as your age, overall physical and mental health, and previous experiences with marijuana. You can also check how long cannabis stays in your system with the thc half life chart.

Before buying a marijuana strain, do your research to determine the product that will work best for you. The chemical level and quality should not be overlooked.