Four style tips for race day dressing

Looking for your perfect race day outfit? Need inspiration for how to top it off with the perfect hat or hairpiece? Read our style tips!

Royal Ascot, the most prestigious race meet, is less than a week away and most race goers will already have their outfit chosen, ready and waiting.

Four style tips for race day dressing

However if you’re still searching for the perfect ensemble then here are my four style tips for race day dressing.

1) Plan ahead

It may be too late for this race season but planning ahead for any occasion, not just Race day, is the key to feeling cool and collected, considered and above all confident.

In my experience those that do leave it until the last minute panic buy and spend far more on a dress or hat than anticipated, which won’t be worn again.

2) Know the dress code

The Royal enclosure dress code is as infamous as Royal Ascot itself so do your homework and research the dress code for the particular enclosure you have tickets for.

As a rule of thumb the more elegant dressers cover up more; hem lengths on or just below the knee, no midriffs on display, shoulders covered and definitely no cleavage. See the Royal enclosure dress code here.

3) Is your hat your hero piece?

Decide if your hat will be your hero piece or your dress. Normally I would advise to dress from the shoes up but when there is an excuse to don a headpiece then this should take centre stage.

Also think about how you are going to wear your hair. If you normally wear it down then scraping it back into a ponytail won’t suddenly suit or be right for you. Maybe a simpler ornate hairband will be more flattering.

4) Look Down Under for inspiration

You may want to look to Australia for more outfit inspiration. As their seasons oppose ours then their recent race meets are full of inspirational looks and nods to the trend in headwear for the season. Vogue Australia has great coverage of the Racing carnival (see more here).

My top picks for headwear

Her are my favourite picks for headwear for race day.

1) Be spot on with this Accessorize Statement fascinator


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2) Step back to the 80s with this Princess Diana inspired headpiece


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3) Go for a softer, feminine fascinator with this feather flower trim



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4) Or opt for hair ornaments, placing one either side of a soft up-do


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5) Go for old school glamour in this wide-brimmed floppy hat


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6) Snap up the fashionista’s choice of Alice band this season


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7) If you want a more pared back approach, this elegant hair band will be your crowning glory


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By fashion editor Karen Skagerlind. See more at Mumswear Daily