Four stress-busting ideas to try after a hard day at work

It doesn’t matter what job you do these days, there’s a very high likelihood you will have moments when you feel stressed at work.

Modern life is filled with so many worries, pressures and responsibilities that it’s almost inevitable you’ll find yourself anxious or stressed out from time to time – very often as a direct result of workplace issues or problems.

Taking time out after a hard day is essential to help you unwind and properly switch-off from your job. Indeed, recent research suggests as many as 83% of all US employees suffer work-related stress – with American business losing an estimated $300 billion a year through strained employees. 

Forgetting work problems and switching off are both essential to give yourself time to recharge again, ready for the next day. Try these stress-busting ideas to successfully free your mind from the shackles of work and properly unwind. 

1) Read a good book 

Losing yourself in a great book is the perfect way to transport yourself out of your daily woes. Reading is one of the most relaxing activities you can indulge in and, because it engages your mind and imagination, it can make you completely forget your stresses. 

Try searching for recommended books online to get inspiration for what to read. Also, when reading, be sure to switch off your phone, TV and other media so you can get fully engrossed in the story without distraction.

2) Try alternative medications or herbs

Nature is chock full of natural relaxants you can take to mellow your mood. Chamomile, lavender, passionflower and ashwagandha are all freely available from herbal stores and each has qualities proven to relax the mind. 

Alternatively, CBD extracts have also been growing in popularity over recent years and most users report the soothing and relaxing qualities of CBD. Following the relaxation of laws in most territories, CBD products are now available to be purchased over the counter or online and include everything from soothing drinks to capsules and vape products.

It’s also possible to buy a distillation kit to make your own CBD oil, giving you the ultimate flexibility in how you take the substance while also saving money. 

3) Take regular exercise

Exercise doesn’t just help you relax – it also makes you tired which will lead to a better night’s sleep. Better yet, exercise releases endorphins in the body which causes your mood to improve and lift.

Think about doing the types of exercise you enjoy most to help you stick to a regular routine. You could choose anything from going to the gym, taking a run, swimming or even just a workout at home. Any form of activity that helps you forget work and build up a sweat will help you unwind and relax.

4) Socialize

The old saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” and even just talking with friends about work problems can make you instantly feel better.

Friends also tend to offer advice or a different perspective which can make you think completely differently about your worries. Get out, socialize, try that new bar or coffee shop in town and start talking your worries away.