Four reasons you may need to consult an employment lawyer

Right now you probably can’t think of any reason why you may need to consult a lawyer of any kind. However, there are several reasons why employment lawyers are essential legal experts for professionals. 

From coping with a hostile work environment to understanding what’s really in your employment contract, here are four of the most common reasons why you might need to consult a legal expert, such as a wrongful termination lawyer, in this particular field of expertise. 

1) Hostility at work

A hostile work environment refers to work environments that are toxic and uncomfortable to work within due to discrimination. Bias can come in many different forms, from racial and gender to age and even sexuality. 

While it is always important to focus on enhancing character traits to shine at work, basic functioning within a hostile work environment is already a challenge. The specifics of a hostile environment often make it impossible for you to grow, and can end up destroying your confidence and damaging your career.

Because hostile behavior in a work environment should never be tolerated, it is essential to file a complaint internally. If suitable action is not enforced to improve the work environment, it’s in your best interests to consult a Sacramento employment lawyer (or one in your local area).

2) Wage disputes

Wage disputes are not unusual. It’s not uncommon for employers to try and pay workforces as little as possible with the goal of growing their own bottom line. Consulting an employment lawyer is a wise decision if you are being paid below the minimum wage in Atlanta, Georgia, or other areas.  

3) Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination is another reason why many professionals find themselves seeking help from employment lawyers. Wrongful termination may be relevant if notice, statutory notice, or full notice is not provided. 

If termination involves a breach of contract, wrongful termination could also be relevant. The only instance employees can be relieved from employment without notice is if gross misconduct is found. 

Consulting a lawyer in these situations won’t reverse your unemployment status, although your previous employer will need to compensate you.

4) Employment contracts

Even though we all know just how important it is to carefully read through everything and anything that we put our signatures on, it’s not uncommon to find contract lingo hard to decipher. 

Contracts are not always written in an easy-to-understand way, often leaving employees in a difficult position. Fortunately, an employment lawyer can help with this. For example, if you have signed a non-compete agreement and are unsure how to get out of it, this kind of expert attorney can help.

There are different contracts that an employer can offer, part-time, and full-time are usually the most common you will have heard about. It would be beneficial to you if you take a look at Zero Hour Contract Example from Simply Docs, so you can familiarise yourself with all the different contracts available.

While employment lawyers can assist with a wide array of legal matters surrounding employment, it’s always best to handle situations with in-house solutions before consulting a lawyer. In most cases, it’s best to view legal consultation as a last resort. Nevertheless, consulting a lawyer is often a solution that reaps reward when employees need them the most. 

When finding an employment lawyer, it’s important to compare experts within your area. Because employment law varies worldwide, you’ll need a local expert in the field to assist with your case.