Four reasons why you should use a co-working space

Co-working spaces are becoming more popular than ever thanks to the need for so many people to work from home.

Working from home sounds exciting when you first consider the idea. However, you may quickly realize that there are so many distractions at home that it can be hard to get work done. It can also get lonely working alone after a while.

One of the best ways to strike a balance if you are a remote worker is to find a co-working space to work from. A co-working space is not an office but it is not your home either, so this makes it easier for you to get a better work-life balance

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is a good option for you, here are some reasons why you should think about using a co-working space.

1) Boost your productivity

As we’ve already mentioned, when you work from home it can be hard to avoid distractions like noise, phone calls and housework, and this can decrease your productivity. It may be that your pets or your children are always running around or you are always tempted to watch your favorite show on TV.

You might find yourself being more focused on your home life or entertainment more than on work. A co-working space allows you to leave the distractions of your home behind so you can give your work your full attention while you are there. Even that fact that you are paying to use the space can encourage you to make use of your work time. You can find good coworking spaces by checking an online location marketplace for work and business.

2) Increase your motivation

A co-working space will give you a much needed sense of community if you find the solitude of working at home lonely. It is always inspiring to be around other professionals who are getting work done, and many people find this helps them to do the same.

And not only will the camaraderie of a co-working space and this will increase your motivation, but it has other benefits as you’ll discover soon.

3) Separate home and work 

One of the best things about a co-working space is that you should find it much easier to separate your personal and professional life. When you work from home it can be a lot more difficult to separate your working life from your home life, because all of these activities take place in the same space.

It’s far harder to devote yourself to a morning of work when you are sat at the kitchen table facing apple of asking up. Or you hear the washing machine beep as it finished its cycle. It’s also hard to switch off from work. And rather than having distinct working hours in which you are satisfyingly productive, and clear ‘home’ hours in which you are fully present for your family, both bleed into each other.

So you switch between work and home during the day, rarely getting into that invaluable state of flow, and achieving less as a result. And when it comes to cooking dinner or spending time with your partner and/or children, you’re not fully in the moment either – more tempted to check and respond to emails because there’s no clear ‘off’ work demarkation.

A co-working space enables a much clearer separation of your two worlds. When you close your laptop and leave your workspace you have a defined end of your working day. And you’ll probably find it much easier to resist opening your laptop or checking emails on your phone when you get home as result, enabling you to have genuine, valuable time off with your family.

4) Network with other professionals

We’ve already explore one benefit of having fellow professionals working around you in a workspace. Another is having a ready made network of people to turn to for advice, support and even for useful work connections.

Need a graphic designer? There may be one at the next desk. Or if not, someone in your workspace may be able to recommend a good one. Many people in co-working spaces even pick up work from the connections they make there.

Even if you’re not looking for work, co-working gives you the opportunity to bounce your ideas and brainstorm with other professionals. This reduces your isolation and is a great way to stay productive.

Find your space 

If you think a co-working space might be right for you, it’s important to do plenty of research. Check out the options in your area, and visit them before committing. Many even offer the opportunity to work there for a single day, so you can test out how it feels and what kind of people you’d be working alongside.

Then, once you’ve found your perfect space you can find the right pricing package for you. Some people choose to work full time in their new workspace, while others balance some days at home.