Four reasons why you need to hire a company to market your business online

Marketing your business online is a powerful way to reach new and existing customers.

According to Statista, over 3.9 billion people worldwide have internet access, and over 2.9 billion are on social media. This represents immense opportunities for business owners. 

The global pandemic, and subsequent lockdown, has also made online marketing more important. More people are working remotely over the internet, and restricted access to bricks and mortar stores has meant that online shopping has had an unprecedented boost.

People are also using social media and the internet to get news of local businesses and services. So if you’re in business today, you can’t afford to ignore online marketing – whether you physically sell online or not.

But what if marketing is not your expertise? Or you don’t have the time to plan and implement a professional marketing strategy? Here are four reasons why you might want to consider hiring experts to market your business online.

1) You gain qualified and experienced team members

There is a temptation to set up your online profile as a business owner. However, doing this on your own isn’t always as simple as it may seem.

A company who specializes in digital marketing or setting up online profiles will have far more knowledge and experience in this field. They’ve overcome common challenges many times, and are familiar with best practice.

So when you hire expert help it’s like recruiting a team of experienced team members with a professional background in marketing. Some specialist online businesses, such as Winning By Design, help companies achieve sustainable growth by identifying ways to optimize revenue growth, then training staff in the necessary skills for continuous success.

Ultimately, using a company helps you avoid the hassle of learning new skills and making simple mistakes which can cost you time and money. And freeing you up to run your business.

2) You get help with the technical aspects of online marketing

Online marketing is far more than just posting on social media or setting up a website. True online success lies in designing a joined-up strategy with ongoing implementation.

And much of this is highly technical – another very good reason to put your online marketing in the safe hands of an expert! Here are some of the technical aspects you’ll need help with.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

To get priority ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to ensure your website adheres to all the latest Google algorithms. This includes content structure, website navigation, and robot friendliness, among many other aspects.

An online marketing company has performed numerous projects and this can help you tap into their experience and body of knowledge.

Setting and optimizing social media

With over 2.9 billion people use people it, social media offers enormous potential. But it also means that there’s a LOT of noise, making it hard for your posts to get cut through and get noticed.

That’s why you need the help of an expert. They’ll know the best thing to post, and when. And will help you get more traction faster than you can achieve alone. They’ll have access to knowledge, insights, trend tools and connections that are unavailable to you, too.

Website development

Whether you sell online or not, your website is effectively your shop windows today. And you need to make sure that your website really sells what you do.

And with such an important role to play, you really don’t want to skimp on your website. You need technology that works, design that appeals, and navigation that guides people to the right pages easily.

Your copy also needs to convey the right messages – reassure people that they’re on the right website and encourage them to take the action you wish.

You also, as mentioned, need to ensure your website is designed and built with SEO firmly in mind. And a digital marketing agency can help you optimize this important part of the online ecosystem, and ensure you have a fully functioning, beautiful website that ticks all the right technical boxes.

3) They have all the tools needed for success

Marketing in a broad perspective requires many platforms, movable tools, people, and other investments for it to work effectively. And this is even more true of online marketing, with highly specialized tools and software needed to get the maximum results.

And an online marketing company will have all the tools you need – saving you the cost and hassle of finding and purchasing them yourself. Here are some tools that may prove expensive to your business if you buy them individually.

Analytical tools

To gauge the effectiveness of websites, social media, and other platforms you need the right analytical tools. Agencies won’t just have access to the best and most powerful tools, but they’ll know how to use them properly too.

And because they use them for several clients, they can afford to subscribe to the best tools – tools that would be out of your budget if you tried to purchase yourself.

Keyword extractors

In content marketing, developing a responsive or relevant keyword is essential for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These tools are some of the most ingenious in online marketing.

Marketing agencies have access to many keyword extracting tools, giving them a big advantage.

Hardware set-up

Online marketing is made possible by an array of tools like powerful computers, video equipment, and stable internet hardware. The combination of these tools makes online marketing possible and easy.

It can be costly for businesses to buy equipment for video production geared for marketing. Agencies offer quick and affordable solutions to businesses.

Online marketing agencies also have extensive knowledge that helps them identify the right tools, acquire them, and use them appropriately.

4) it will help you focus on core business activities

Just like traditional marketing, online marketing is time-consuming and an energy-sapping activity. And when you try to master it yourself, it can be an expensive distraction from your business core activities.

Here are some of the things an online marketing agency will take off your hands.

Content calendar and roles

Content creation is one of the most time-consuming aspects of online marketing. It calls for regular posting, a lot of creativity, and research. Without investing time and resources to achieve this, you can’t achieve success.

Keeping up with trends

Online marketing agencies are judged on certain deliverables like website traffic, subscription to newsletters, or sales conversions. This means that your business will benefit from the latest trends and success on the most effective channels.

Online marketing companies have committed their time, resources, and networks to achieve success online. So they conduct research and continually experiment to ensure their campaigns deliver the very best results at any given time.

Is it worth hiring an online marketing company?

Your business needs to have an online presence and keep up with digital marketing trends if you want to compete today. And you need to get this right. Online marketing companies have the right people, tools, experience, networks and research help you achieve the success you need.

Photo by Karine Germain