Four of the most beautiful cycling routes in the UK

If there’s one thing the pandemic didn’t stifle in the UK, it was our collective passion for life on two wheels. Discover fourof the most beautiful cycling routes in the UK.

Increasingly in recent years, cycling has established itself as a hugely popular mode of transport and pastime for many Brits looking for a sustainable, healthy and fun way of getting about, not to mention the UK itself is a wonderful place to explore.

With rich, diverse landscapes to traverse, stunning views to take in and wild routes to take on, the UK’s cycling canvas is one not to be missed. If you’re planning an adventure soon, here are four of the best getaways our island has to offer.

1) The Lakeland Loop, Lake District

It should come as no surprise that the Lake District offers plenty to cyclists as it does for walkers. A top the list of cycling delights in the area is the Lakeland Loop – a 65km circuit once dubbed the best bike ride in Britain.

High praise, but once you’ve seen the views on offer and summited the rather challenging 30% gradients, you’ll see why the loop attracts the reviews it does.

2) Box Hill Olympic Circuit, Surrey

If you fancy following the footsteps, or pedals, of the pros, Surrey’s Box Hill Olympic Circuit allows you to zoom through some of East England’s’ best scenery while reliving the sporting glory of London 2012.

Offering nearly 17km of winding rural roads, the Box Hill Circuit provides an enjoyable route for both beginners and advanced riders – just make sure you’ve got your helmet on and road bike insurance at the ready before you try and go all Chris Hoy out there.

3) Kirkaldy to Dundee via St. Andrews

Better known as the East Neuk 50 Cycle Route, the 50-mile Kirkaldy to Dundee ride is one of Scotland’s most rewarding ventures – and comes with great access points with train stations available at both start and end locations.

Largely off the beaten track, the route is well loved for its distinct lack of cars – indeed it’s largely been specifically crafted for riders to experience the beauty of the east coast of Fife, with the area’s stunning beaches and fishing ports there to be explored.

4) The Camel Trail, Cornwall

For those looking for the typical Sunday ride, Cornwall’s Camel Trail provides the ultimate in carefree, family-friendly cycling. Running alongside 19km of disused railway, you’ll get to enjoy a long stretch of wonderful, traffic-free Cornish countryside.

There’s plenty to look at along the way, plus some delicious food waiting for you in Padstow, where Cornwall’s best-known chef, Rick Stein, has a number of his eateries.

With rolling landscapes, picturesque countryside and rugged routes that are breath-taking in more ways than one, the UK represents one of the best places to cycle in the world. With so much to see and explore, we’d recommend taking advantage of the adventures waiting for you right on your doorstep.

Photo by Kai Bossom