Four items every workplace needs to boost productivity

Want to boost morale, productivity and loyalty in your company, team or office? Discover four inspiring items that every workplace needs.

It’s proven that companies who care about, and invest in, the happiness and wellbeing of their employees, especially while they’re at work, enjoy higher levels of productivity and lower staff turnover.

As this article on boosting workplace productivity explains, happy workers are 12% more productive, and unhappy workers are 10% less productive.

The good news is that keeping employees happy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even just small, thoughtful touches can make a big difference to workplace morale.

Four items every workplace needs

Whether you’re a business owner, a manager or team leader, or even just an enthusiastic employee who would love to suggest some positive changes, we’ve picked four inspiring items that every workplace needs to boost productivity.

1) A bulletin board

Having a central place to pin up all sorts of notes is a fun idea, and can really help to foster a sense of community at work.

From practical messages like items for sale and rooms to rent, to more fun notices like invites to a party, flyers for a gig and discounts at a local restaurant, a busy bulletin board becomes almost like the beating heart of your office. It can initiate chat and help colleagues get to know each other better.

All-office emails can get annoying and quickly buried in a busy inbox. But a colourful noticeboard (check out these creative pin boards) in a central area like the office kitchen can be a welcome distraction while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.


2) A book exchange

How many times do you read a book more than once? Unless it’s an absolute classic, it’s not uncommon to find finished books gathering dust on a bookshelf. So why not pass it on for someone else to enjoy?

Setting up an office book exchange is a brilliant way to share pre-loved novels – and initiating animated, inspired conversations and creative thinking.

Bringing literature into your office adds a little magic, and helps nurture the idea that the workplace is more than just a place to come and work. It’s a place to think, create, absorb and find writing you love. Who knows? If it takes off, your book exchange could even lead to an office book club!

You don’t have to restrict your exchange to books, either. DVDs are also often left forgotten – movies and TV shows that we once thought we would watch forever and ever we can simply grow out of (Hugh Grant’s once-bumbling charm might be just irritating now).

3) Prints

It’s been scientifically proven that art can reduce stress. Indeed, this University of Westminster study found that London city workers who took short lunchtime trips to an art gallery had significantly reduced tension, anxiety and cortisol levels.

The workplace is not always the most relaxing environment, so it makes sense to jump at any opportunity to reduce stress and promote productivity, and adding art and photography is an easy win.

Whether it’s calming images of water, or intriguing and debatable abstract images, picking up some prints like this brilliant collection from Lumas can potentially work wonders on easing tension in the workplace. also has a wide selection of art and prints to choose from.


4) Food

It’s much harder to be stressed when you’ve got a delicious chocolate cake in one hand (no statistics needed!). So every once in a while, why not surprise your employees or team with some unexpected treats? It’s a great feeling to gather around a table with your colleagues and share a selection of cakes, biscuits, and sweets.

If you fancy something a bit healthier, why not organise in-office team lunches every month? You can order tempting platters from supermarkets like Waitrose or Marks & Spencer. Or organise company dinners every so often, to build camaraderie.

An even healthier and affordable option is to arrange for fresh fruit to be delivered to your office a couple of times a week. These little gestures go a really long way to promoting the type of work atmosphere that employees feel comfortable in and are hesitant to leave.