Four incredible productivity benefits of regular holidays

Are you a consummate workaholic who never takes a break? Here are four compelling reasons why taking regular holidays is actually good for productivity.

Getting away from the office can be a challenge for some people, with deadlines, large-scale projects and targets all combining to make us think about putting in a little extra and not booking holidays.

But holidays are essential for regrouping, getting perspective and refreshing your energy and zest for life and work. Often you return more productive than when you went aware.

Are are four reasons why scheduling holidays can lead to productivity boosts in lieu of constant overwork.

1) They can combat ‘hustle culture’

A number of the tech industry’s biggest names, such as Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, have recently come out against ‘hustle culture’ in the workplace – in which workers are expected to work punishingly long hours, as well as having a ‘side hustle’ personal project, all while glorifying it on social media.

This is especially prevalent amongst start-ups and can lead to a horribly skewed work-life balance, and, eventually, cause a person to burn-out.

Having pre-booked holidays that you can look forward to is key if this damaging culture is to subside. You mustn’t let this affect your work leading up to your holiday, however, as an anxious, overworked week prior to a vacation is definitely not recommended. Instead, have faith that your colleagues will pick up the slack while you’re away – and turn off your email notifications.

After a holiday such as this, you’ll feel more relaxed and motivated – and therefore more productive on your first day back in the office.

2) They’re the perfect idea generation session

Working 9-5 (or longer) on a project and not quite breaking through to that game-changing idea can be incredibly frustrating. Authors call it writer’s block, and a similar state of creative stasis occurs in many other professions.

Taking yourself away from the desk might lead to a creative breakthrough, either on a walk around the block or while completely disconnected from work on a vacation.

A change of scenery and the removal of the subtle pressures that an office can provoke may well free your mind to come up with a groundbreaking new idea – you could be sipping sangria in your Lanzarote villa or embracing the bustle of a beautiful city like Paris or Budapest, it doesn’t matter!

3) The scales will be balanced

If you’re working very long hours with no holiday time to look forward to, the scales of your work-life balance will be tipped towards your profession. This is an incredibly damaging place to be and can be remedied by a few long weekends in which you can reconnect with friends and family and create happy memories during downtime.

Being more available to your loved ones will help tilt your work-life balance back towards a more sustainable lifestyle, which will mean that you’re far more motivated in the workplace as a result. 

4) Your team’s stress will be less

In some places of work, it can feel like there’s an unstoppable gyre of problems and issues whirling in the brains of all members of staff, negating motivation and leading to a whole heap of stress.  

Being able to re-approach the office with fresh ideas after a few days away might give your colleagues some much-needed respite from these problems – just don’t spend too much time waxing lyrical about your holiday to your stressed coworkers!

Many successful companies’ HR departments have started to offer unlimited holidays, something that has caused a disruptive ripple amongst people in the industry. Online giants such as Netflix and emerging companies such as SongKick both offer the perk – which on the face of it seems like a stress-busting measure. 

However, critics point to the fact that the policy can lead to undue stress and provoke a feeling of guilt – as workers will be out of the office for stretches of time more frequently, leaving their co-workers in the lurch.

Recharging your batteries should be considered an essential, no matter what you like to do on your time off. The points raised above should be enough to persuade you to indulge a passion of yours during a holiday, or just head to the beach for a relaxing week or two.

Nick Ball is Marketing Manager at Optima Villas and has lived on the island of Lanzarote since 2001.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic