Four family friendly European destinations

Traveling as a family can be a great bonding experience – whatever your child’s age.

From historical sites to fascinating museums, European cities certainly offers plenty of options for travelers of all ages. “

Many parents think that cities are not suitable for family vacations. I think they will be surprised at what they discover. Many European cities these days offer not just family-friendly attractions, but also restaurants and hotels that cater to the little ones,” says travel expert Wilona Tallo from ADVIESJAGERS.

With this in mind, here are four destinations for your next European family getaway. 

1) Amsterdam – Netherlands

While Amsterdam is known for its red light district and liberal drug laws, there is far more to this picturesque city than unsavoury pursuits. Those who like to stay active can hop on a paddle boat or bicycle around the city using its specifically designated bike paths.

Be sure to take the youngest family members to the NEMO Science Museum, which features a hands-on chemistry lab and a fun bubble display. The Anne Frank Museum also makes for a meaningful educational experience for the slightly older children.

For a day trip, take your family to the Keukenhof, which comes alive with hundreds of thousands of tulips each spring.

2) Paris – France

Surprisingly, the city of love and romance also makes for a great family getaway. Head for the Eiffel Towerto show your kids a bird’s eye view of Paris – make the adventure more challenging by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

If your kids are up for more climbing, take the 422 steps up the tower of the Notre Dame Cathedral. On your way up, keep an eye out for the angry-looking Gargoyles.

For a change of pace, visit Musée Naturelle d’Histoire de Paris, or the Museum of Natural History. The Galerie de l’Evolution is the highlight of the museum for most kids. 

3) Edinburgh – Scotland 

Fun for both the little and not so little ones, Edinburgh Castlesis not to be missed. The 1,100-year-old fortress, which dominates the city’s skyline, houses the Scottish National War Memorial and the National War Museum of Scotland.

Families visiting the city should book themselves in, in one of the many famous holiday lodges in scotland and make a beeline for the Museum of Childhood. Featuring four floors of toys and games, the museum is a paradise for the little ones. For an engaging history lesson, head to the  National Museum of Scotland

4) Prague – Czech Republic

Taking a ride on the funicular up Petřín Hill ensures not just great views of the city, but hours of fun in the mirror maze and rose garden. Those wishing to get even higher can climb the 63.5-meter tower that dates back to 1891. The area also offers pony rides on the weekends.

Alternatively, take a ride on Tram No. 91. The vintage trams from the early 1900s run past some of Prague’s most famous tourist attractions. For an altogether different experience, visit the Art Gallery for Children, where kids can interact with multiple displays and installations. 

Photo by Chris Karidis