Four clothing products that you should always buy local

Take a closer look at your wardrobe. If you examine the items in your collection of clothes, would you be able to identify where each piece comes from?

Part of putting together a functional wardrobe is being mindful of the origin of the clothes and accessories that you’re adding to your closet. There’s no need to look far and wide to find quality pieces that will look good on you for a long time. In fact, you can easily find locally made items that will suit the aesthetic you are aiming for.

While the majority of the clothes on the market these days are sourced from other countries, the USA still has many homegrown clothing brands and companies that continue to design and manufacture clothes for a local audience. The popularity of online shopping has also ensured that socks made in USA, as well as other articles of clothing, are easily accessible to buyers all over the US.

What types of clothes and fabric accessories are made in the USA? Here are some of the items you should consider buying from local manufacturers the next time you go shopping.

1) T-shirts and sweatshirts

Looking for a made-in-the-USA T-shirt and patriotic sweatshirts can be quite a challenge when even the most recognized American clothing brands these days outsource their manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor. But take heart – locally made T-shirts and sweats do exist; you just have to know where to look for them.

If you shop for shirts in brick-and-mortar shops, your best bet would be to head to homegrown stores that highlight their local manufacturing facility. You can also look at the tags to see where the shirt you’re planning to buy was made. If you’re shopping online, you might want to check out smaller, independent clothing brands that are proud of the fact that their products are sourced and made in the US.

2) Suits and tuxedos

Investing in a sharp suit or tuxedo is a must if your work or lifestyle requires you to be present in many business or formal affairs. Why not bring your business to a local brand that specializes in crafting and tailoring suits for the community?

Choosing to order or buy suits and tuxedos from a local shop instead of a brand that outsources their manufacturing process to other countries offers plenty of benefits. For one, you can order fitted pieces from the get-go, so you’re sure that the piece will look perfect on you as soon as it’s ready.

At the same time, working with a local tailor allows you to customize the details of the final product from the get-go. If you want to look sharp at your next event, you can work with your tailor to make that happen.

3) Jeans and denim

While there are plenty of American brands that specialize in manufacturing jeans and denims, most of them rely on facilities outside of the country to manufacture their products. If you’re looking for a local jeans manufacturer, the key is to find small brands that specialize in women’s or men’s jeans.

Often, these brands make an effort to source high-quality raw materials for their products and they work with local talents to craft pieces that fit well and can stand the test of time.

4) Underwear and socks

For premium comfort, it’s always a good idea to buy underwear and socks from brands that manufacture their intimate products in local facilities. More likely than not, these brands make use of local cotton, which supports the industry and helps ensure the comfort of their customers. Say goodbye to itchy underwear when you buy made-in-America underwear and socks!

This doesn’t mean that local underwear manufacturers use nothing but traditional materials when putting their products together. Many of these companies also invest in research and development so that they can design products that can be used for demanding activities, such as sports and training. 

What are the benefits of buying local brands?

Investing in fashionable garments and accessories that are made in the USA is a way of supporting the local economy. At the same time, choosing to bring your business to a local brand means deciding to put your hard-earned money into an endeavor that supports the livelihood of the members of your community.

Products made locally can indeed be more costly compared to products that are made and imported from countries with a lower cost of manufacturing and labor. However, it’s worth noting that the additional price that you’re paying for made-in-the-USA products goes into ensuring that your purchases were made by employees who receive fair compensation for their labor. You can also rest assured that the products were subjected to stringent quality checks and do not use materials or processes that are deemed dangerous to one’s health or harmful to the environment.

If you’re planning to update your wardrobe soon, try to consider buying locally made clothes and articles of clothing first. This choice will not only help you end up with quality products in your closet, but it will also show support to the causes that matter to you and your community.