Four brands that your business needs to know about

A considerable amount of planning that goes into creating your own business. And there is plenty you can get wrong along the way! So it helps to know the right brands to work with.

Every company in the world started somewhere, and usually somewhere small and modest. An entrepreneur with a dream. Even huge companies like Walmart or Amazon, who dominate their markets today, were once just a germ of an idea.

Along the way – from drawing board to the board room – there’s much that needs to happen. And even for experienced, successful entrepreneurs plenty of mistakes will happen along the way. They’re an inevitable part of testing the waters and finding your way with a new business. The idea though is to learn from your mistakes and only make them once!

It can help, on your business journey, to get help from the right people and companies. They can steer you in the right direction and help minimise the number of mistakes you make. And there are plenty of well known brand names out there today that help businesses to launch and grow. Brands like high street and online banks, software companies, accountancy firms, business management organisations.

Brands like Toast have made things much easier in the restaurant industry by creating easy to understand software. Toast has developed a system that is used in various star level restaurants and bars. And companies such as networking software Slack have helped bring the minds together by creating a space where people can chat in groups and grow together.

Picking the right brands from the start to work with can be crucial to creating your own brand. Working with the best can lead to superior results, and speed up your success. In this article, we share four brands that you may find helpful as you start and grow your business.

1) M13 

The company M13 is named after Messier 13, one of the brightest collections of stars known to man. And that is the image that M13 is looking to create as a company. They have created their own collection of bright stars since their formation in 2016.

The two brother team of Carter and Courtney Reum have business in their blood. They are the sons of Robert Reum, the former Chief Executive Officer of Amsted Industries. They learned about the business world first hand from a young age.

The brothers started their professional business ventures with the creation of VEEV Spirits in 2007, creating a unique brand of Vodka. Over the next nine years, the Reum brothers helped their company grow into one of the fastest growing companies in America at the time. After selling the company, the brothers quickly launched M13, a company that focused on investments and brand development. Since the company’s creation, they have helped form new and exciting brands. 

VC Fund Los Angeles M13 is now linked with some of the most well-known businesses in America. Household names such as Lyft, Pinterest, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are linked with M13. The company’s motto is that they are a company built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They can only grow by guiding your company to grow as well.

M13 has earned their reputation for their venture engine through their continued success. They have created a team of successful former business executives that are focused on helping your company reach the levels that they have in the past. The company’s networking efforts continue to grow M13 as a top brand to know. They will help fill the gaps that you find and guide you towards success. Many companies put their faith in M13 to help them reach the stars just as the Reum brothers expected.

2) Credit Reporting Services

For many people, the word ‘credit’ can be frightening. But unfortunately, it is a word that all businesses will have to deal with because having good credit can be crucial to building a great business. While many people believe that they have total control of their credit, sometimes things don’t go as planned. And when credit is involved, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to running a business, credit can easily make or break you; one bad decision could send you on a downhill slope if you’re not careful. Credit Reporting Services (CRS) is a company designed to prevent companies from making bad business investments. 

CRS was founded by Stephen Hawkins, who has over twenty years of credit reporting experience. He has thrived throughout his career to innovate and improve every aspect of credit reporting that he could. He formed his company with the mission to provide their customers with the exact data and the answers that they are looking for.

Over the years, CRS have become leaders in credit score api and they provide hundreds of reports daily. Hawkins has always been known to be innovative and there is no question that mindset will continue.

There is no problem too big for CRS. They will look to find the perfect solution for your issue, no matter how big and aggravating that it can be. CRS only grows by providing the best answers for your problems, and the tougher the problem, the more they enjoy finding a solution. Despite any circumstances that you may face, CRS is determined to help you avoid bad decisions and guide your company to good decisions and prosperity. 

3) Seek Capital

It is all well and good having a brilliant business idea, but what if you don’t have the money to actually bring it to life? While the lack of funds may be a huge roadblock for many startups, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. If you need money to launch your business you can apply for loans from Seek Business Capital.

Seek Capital is a loan company that has been around over five years now and looks to continue thriving for years to come. Getting a loan can be overwhelming if you aren’t properly prepared. But Seek Capital looks to help make your time easier and help you find the loan that you need.

They are still growing as a company and can earn just as much from the success of your company moving forward. The company focuses on helping companies get off the ground. They will help you to cover your start-up costs to get your business off the ground so you can pay back your loans. Seek Capital also offers regular credit cards for potential owners looking to help build up their credit. 

4) Viscap Media

Viscap Media has a mission statement that is simple yet powerful: they focus on turning clicks into customers. A simple enough sounding task, maybe, but anybody that has ever worked in sales can tell you that it isn’t that easy.

The company was created by Tyler Stephens and Cody Iverson to create a unique and focused advertisement to promote your products. They understand that business is pushed forward by sales. Their first business venture as a team was an immediate success as their first ecom site generated six digit numbers within the first two months.

From there, the company has continued to expand into one of the most reliable names in the industry. They have moved on from building just sites to help building sales. Viscap Media creates hundreds of unique advertisements that create consumer interest. They have earned their reliable name by creating unique experiences on each project they have created.

They have also created a variety of unique advertisements for businesses and projects. Their video advertisements vary from serious to energetic. When it comes to relying on a company to make yours look great, many companies rely on the team at Viscap Media. They take time to truly understand your product to know what kind of advertisement to create. 

Viscap Media begin by requesting all potential customers to fill out a questionnaire to help them get to know your company. From that point, they take the time to get hand-ons experience with your product before any planning begins.

By the time that the planning process is complete, they know clearly what you want. On top of what you ask for, they also throw in a little extra that you didn’t even know you needed. Together, both of your companies can grow and Viscap Media aim to leave you satisfied with your advertisement and your investment.